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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 19:30:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:daria on the n

    you are ridiculous...that's why you love me :)
    well let's see, the first day of school was a hoot. hah a hoot. i'm good. anyways, i dont really like my teachers..besides the fact that almost all of them are girls...they're just stupid except for mr harris who i had today, he seems like he'll be cool.

    well yesterday i found out that i have mr jones for my homeroom teacher which is awesome, the only good thing about my mornings basically.

    then i have clothing, yes CLOTHING, first because gay people in the office filled up the communications class and wouldnt let me into it even though it said on both of my old schedules that i had it. i am smarter than half the people in that class so that got me pretty mad...i'm thinking about switching around my chemistry to period 1 and then taking clothing, turning it into communications and taking that period 4. i mean maybe, just maybe, if i had at least one other person in the class that i could talk to then i would stick it out and deal with it the rest of the year but no. which in a way is good i guess.

    period 2 study. oh man that is the worst study in the world, not only because i have absolutely no one to talk to even if we could talk but the fact that it is so crowded that even if i wanted to do homework i wouldnt be able to because the person sitting next to me is literally RIGHT next to me. urghhh.

    period 3 is spanish which yesterday was really gay cause my teacher, ms. marcucci-bonilla "you can call me ms. marcucci or ms. bonilla or ms. marcucci-bonilla" was being really stupid. today though with the double she wasnt all that bad and i guess she's nice to me. she's no mr lugo but i guess i can maybe deal with it. at least i have melissa and alex.

    period 4 is chemistry with mrs. smith the same mrs. smith that told me last year that my opinion didnt matter. well her class seemed easy but i think i'm gonna be switching out and going into courtney forti's class with ms. mulvey since i dont want gay clothing. although i would be leaving andy and ryan in the stupid chemistry class but i think they can deal with eachother.

    lunch 5. okay there is no one at my lunch except for alex. so basically it's me and alex and jimmy at a lunch table. yeah.

    6/7 is's fun but the only reason it's fun is cause of courtney. if she wasnt in my class i would have no one to talk to and i think the class would be horrible. kinda like clothing. i cant really complain about it though since i do have someone.

    8/9 is history which so far i like. i think i like it so much because it's practically my same history class as last year with the exception of chris pratt so it should be fun. plus mr harris seems like a cool teacher or at least the best teacher that i have. but yeah i sit next to andy so it should be good.

    period 10 is british literature with mrs. nosek. she seems like she puts off some niceness but then she takes it all back. i dont know, she was pretty cool in class today and it doesnt seem like it will be boring but i was sitting next to andy and then she had to go and move me up and now im next to donika i think. oh well it's an okay class.

    and lastly, period 11 is geometry. my teacher, ms. ronchinsky, is really weird. her eyes are really bulgey and she seems kinda hyper like. oh well maybe it will be fun, maybe not but it seems as though she could be cool. just a little freaky.

    so my last 2 school days have been quite the mixture of joy and sorrow, like the HIM song In Joy and Sorrow heh, but i enjoyed seeing all my friends and stuff again. my classes were better last year but what are you gonna do? you know? oh well i like a few teachers so yeah it could be cool. well enough with me, i havent had an update this long in forever. okay.

    Jimmy Gnecco, oh i have new notebooks too with Jimmy Gnecco, Brandon Boyd, Ville Valo, X-Men, X-Men: Evolution, and Gambit and Rogue. they rock a lot. okay here's Jimmy Gnecco.

    i love Rick Cullen

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