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M*o*L*z (mindlessxmisery) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 12:52:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:"Right now"- korn

    first entry n im fuckin hungry
    Likes: matt,his giant tongue ring, his tatoos, and his jus plain sexiness, humor, someone who acts like themselves instead of following everyone else,knowing someone really cares about you n you feel the same, bats,little kisses here and there, cars,my dog(hes the shit),cigarettes, obscene gestures,rough sex, pain in any way possible, tummies, cats, alcohol....more to come

    Dislikes:ppl who will try to make my matt from me,back the fuck up hes mine,cheaters,liars,ignora nce,ppl who jus want sex,ppl that im you n say, ur hott? wut the fuck is that if ur gonna talk to me say something interesting,ppl who go around preachin bout jesus, i dont care wut u believe but dont try to push it in my head cus its not happenin,ummmm me,chickens,they scare me,ppl who think there better then everyone else,cruelty to animals,loud obnoxious ppl,immaturity,homophobes, stupidity, ppl that call my house n wake everyone up n then hang up when there asked who they are...if your gona call me at all hours of the night call my cell jus dont wake my mom up cus she bitches at me, ppl that r one way with some ppl n change completely for others......n theres more later

    ill writye later, see im in school n im too lazy n too hungry to write so i jus took it from my other username: mindlessxmisery
    ill talk later

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