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amelia jordan (millie311) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 17:17:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:311

    Go home just go away
    "Its 8:16 AM will you wake up to me? The first thing that you see? Eyes open I'm just hopin' you feel the same as me" -311

    Well I felt the need to update once more. I am havent been up to much except talking to Shaun and Kate and Mathew will be going home soon. Me and Sissy were conversing about having ADD and we started going on about shit fuck bitch cocksuckers. Hah, I guess its one of those 'you-had-to-be-there' moments. fireworks day blew cuz Mathew and me are fighting.

    Nonethless, today I took a short nap that actually felt relieving after a day of hardcore nose blowing and medicine intaking. Ah, I hate being sick. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow early to check out whatsup with my baby living in my tum tum. I tried eating dinner after being slightly disoriented from work I felt like I was devouring bricks and stones. I probably would have enjoyed it if It didnt feel like my body was becoming swollen and fat. After dinner, I greeted Grandad with a hug and kiss and and had a nice warm cup of green tea. Mmm now my body dont feel so swollen and battered. Going to talk to Kate on MSN tonight and hope Shaun will be on also. Afterwards, I think I will grab myself a pecan delight. I heart those things. All day at work, thats all I do. I eat M&Ms and Pecan Delight. I eat so much that my mouth ends up smelling and tasting like chocolate all day. Horrid I know. haha

    I'm listening to 311. Woop-de-doop! Ive been listening to them alot lately. I just love Nick Hexum and his unique style of music and his soothing sexy mama voice. He makes me want to wet my pants. lol And Pnut's bass playin' is mackin. No Doubt I love Gwen. Pink is a Goddess.

    Shaun and I started singing songs to each other yesterday <3 haha He sung some song from some dude and I sung him the Clash "Should I stay or should I go" haha He said I should stay. :P Nice?

    Everyone I talk to now seems to look at me like I'm some dumb whore. At work I write on the schedule using words like jus cuz or sum otha shit. They think I have no education but that's how I write some times, it's just me. Walter said he heard Lilly saying that I have 3 kids and I'll never change. Two faced bitch. Fuck you. You dont know me and I dont need to change.

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