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milanede (milanede) wrote,
@ 2011-03-30 11:52:00
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    Until uprising, Gadhafi’s son was on U.S. internship
    When agitation exploded in Libya aftermost month, Khamis Gadhafi--the youngest son of the country's alive baton Muammar Gadhafi--wasn't around. He was on an internship affairs in the United States.

    Khamis, who runs Libya's appropriate forces, bound alternate to his home country, area he has led a aggressive assemblage that has atrociously suppressed insubordinate forces.

    The internship, which lasted a month, was sponsored by AECOM, a Los Angeles-based all-around engineering and architecture aggregation that has been alive with the Libyan administration to advance the country's infrastructure. Khadis fabricated stops in San Francisco, Colorado, Houston, Washington, and New York City, affair with high-tech companies (including Google, Apple, and Intel), universities, and aegis contractors like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. While in the Big Apple, Khamis alike took in the Broadway appearance "Mamma Mia."

    News of Khamis's internship, which was accustomed by the State Department, was aboriginal appear by ABC News.

    Since advancing home, Khamis appears to accept played a key role in allowance his father's administration in its agitated attack to annihilate the uprising. He has led the aristocratic 32nd Reinforced Brigade, accepted at the Khamis Brigade, which reportedly has been complex in atrociously suppressing insubordinate forces.

    Vice Adm. William Gortney of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declared the Khamis Brigade, whose address were the ambition of U.S. Tomahawk missiles, as "one of the best alive in agreement of advancing innocent people."

    On Monday night, Libyan television showed Khamis dressed in his aggressive compatible and greeting bodies at his father's Tripoli compound.

    A agent for AECOM told CNN that the aggregation was "shocked and outraged" to apprentice of Khamis' aggressive role.

    AECOM added in a statement: "The educational internship, which consisted of about accessible information, was accumbent with our efforts to advance affection of life, accurately in Libya, area we were advancing accessible basement such as admission to apple-pie water; affection housing; safe and able anchorage and bridges; reliable and affordable energy; and accompanying projects that actualize jobs and opportunity."

    This isn't the aboriginal time that Gadhafi's sons--and their ties to the west -- accept hit the headlines. As we've written, the administration was ashamed afterwards Wikileaks cables afford ablaze on the abundant New Year's parties that addition son, Muatassim, has captivated on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, at which Mariah Carey, Usher, and Beyonce accept all been paid to perform. And the accepted crisis additionally has spotlighted the Libyan leader's own claimed eccentricities.

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