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Miirage (miirage) wrote,
@ 2005-09-18 10:06:00
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    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    It was a beautiful and warm day in Christchurch, New Zealand. Its supposed to be mid winter yet all the blossum trees are blooming and it felt like winter was over. This winter has been very mild and I wonder how much these warmer temperatures are influenced by global warming. In the few years I have been in New Zealand the weather has progressively become warmer. I find it so discouraging tha only now people are beginning to pay attention to global warming and still there is not a larger push to do something about it. I think another serious issue is the pollution of the ocean waters. The destructions of the coral reefs which house so many of the worlds creatures and it is these which feed the plankton which feed the fish. For such a cycle to pass and for these things to be destroyed is a catastrophe that can not be imagined. Such is the by product of technology and intelligent. Intelligence that is inherently lacking in its blatant disregard for the planet which provides its very platform for life. Is it that as humans we tend to ignore that which is unpleasent or is it procrastination. Putting off the things we have little interest in to invest in those that we do. Things are moving so quickly it seems now. World events that is.

    I remember in my final year of high school when I was 16. I was at a boarding school and each Saturday we would have a guest speaker who came to campus and whom spoke to us for a number of hours. There is one man that strands apart in my mind well aside from the SWAT team leader. He spoke to us about the periods of extinction. He told us that when the dinasours were wiped out was an extinction period and that humans were now also in a stage of extinction. We tend to think of things in a matter of hours or even minutes now, in science however a period of many years may be required to follow patterns. Our world has become too populated and so it makes sense that nature must repair in someway to rid itself of the excess strain. Rumours of a panademic, AIDS in Africa and China, pollution in growing industrialization of third world countrys, tsunamis, and global warming. All could possibly be attributed to this.

    I am fascinated by the forces and power of nature and have always been interested in volcanology, seismonlgy, geology etc. How can one not be I often wonder because truly what is more fascinating than that which we can not control.

    Not much else to talk about. I have therapy tomorrow so Ill post about how that is. Good night everyone ill be watching INXS but ill be around later!

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