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Miirage (miirage) wrote,
@ 2005-09-18 10:05:00
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    Monday, August 15, 2005

    This is a little bit of a rant as I have sat here gazing happily at a review of the seagate barracuda 404GB external harddrive with its reasonable price, excellent speed and best of all the 5 year warranty which pushed the tide in its favor. This is because I can not afford the AlienWare laptop that is featured in a place of pride on my wall next to my charts and graphs calculating weight loss amounts, percentiles and BMI changes and above a plethora of bottles filled with scented creams and powders. Maybe one day until then Ill be happy to buy the barracuda and proudly ask people if they want to borrow some of my (hopefully to be) 400gb of porn and warez ;) However I wanted more than ever to purchase a pink external drive cover.... yes PINK... girls happen to like pink you know and no dammit red is not close enough and I don't like blue!! This is the problem the computer market for advanced users or for those who like to put together their own system does not cater to the female market. I feel lost and alone out in this cyberworld. I think in years I have only met a handful of other females with similar interests. I can sit for 15-16 hours online and never once become bored. I want to be able to have accessories and things which are more suited to my feminimity. Yes I get excited by high speed high powered gear and I do indeed drool over pc magazine and fiddle around with broken parts when Im bored. So what do you think it is? Why so few females that actively pursue these hobbies? Are they all pretending to be men? Or are they just somewhere I have not found yet? I am tired of been a femle who loves computers you should try it for a while its not as much fun as you think. I constantly have to produce my webcam to prove that I am indeed one member of the fairer sex. I am constantly told my photos are not of me and sigh... female computer geeks are not as trendy as guy ones... Boys your in luck in a cosmo mag I read about Why Women Want a Computer Nerd... Dont know why guys dont want them or why we cant be considered as a ideal partner in Cosmo :O
    Well thats enough rambling...

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