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I'ma super emo ninja (mightypunk) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 14:48:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:who fuckin cares

    a lesbian momento
    i want to let evryone know.......

    that i LOVE amanda grace hehr and sarah johnanne edwards

    & that our friendship can NEVER end
    it sux to be away from you guys
    i cry when i think of you
    3 is a lucky number and we are the godesses of that phrase
    i HATE the memories..
    you do know that this cannot end right?
    amanda...remember when i was at your house and i went through your costumes? I put on the tiny red slutty one. and i danced around your room singing to linkin park...that was great.. we watched that stupid clown movie. i swear i had nightmares. did you? and then when you finally gave up and slept i listened to linkin know, to lull myself into a deep sleep. and then i was the first one awake and i put the music back on, and you thought i listened to it the whole entire night..silly girl. so silly. i love you. and do you remember when i went to your hizzouse after the dance? we went all over cape coral looking for those "special tights" , and your mom got aggravated with you...we bought a whole bunch of homies...remember? and then we went to applebees and talked about butch and zak...i luved butch, you luved zak. we were so lame.AND we saw shallow hal. that was fun...oh so fun. those jerks behind us were annoying. i hope you remember. dont ever forget.
    sarah? do you remember when we gave eachother those "tattoos" at my house? ha! "fuck you" and hump me hard" i dont think my mom liked it much. remember when we stuck the drumstick up the tigers crotch.? I DO!!! and "how do you kiss a donkey?" you better take that one to your grave. i have a really clean closet right??? lol. remember when we flashed those mexicans? or was that just me? :) "nothin here but us prostitutes." i saw your boobs. lol. speaking of boobs remember that time at cheerleading? i made you cry. sorry bout that...i didnt have boobs back then. :)
    and remember when we ALL planned out that little prince skit? that was totally GENIOUS too bad we couldnt do it. "lets get it on" lol. and when we all went to the movies? who cares about the movies, we cared more about the cell phone/bug zapper. lol...and "you really shouldnt have done that" AND "uh were in the dark." I have a question sarah, why were we in the dark? thats a little fishy right? i remember you tried to touch j/k. well i luv you all. your great. you complete me god dammit. FUCK!!!!!!!! this sux

    dont EVER forget

    coco + pasteries + rice&beans = BESTEST POSSE AROUND

    ps: DONT call my
    k? heh

    NEW GOAL FOR TODAY: find out where amanda and sarah are and give them the biggest elephant hump of their fucking lives

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