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Cheyenne Autumn Parrott (midnightmssuki2) wrote,
@ 2004-11-09 19:34:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Caught Out There~* Kelis

    Why lots of females are stupid!
    First and foremost I would like to say that my friends who are female, are some of the most beautiful women of diverse color and personalities I have ever met!! I have some of the greatest friends and I admire them all in different ways!!
    What I cannot stand are the stupid chicks you meet @ Triton college, your new job or bascially on the street! I'm talking about the chicks that do nothing but talk about their petty lives and how unhappy they are, when meanwhile, they are screwing another guy, NOT THEIR HUSBAND OR BOYFRIEND, all on the kitchen counter and everywhere else. I hate it when a stupid female sees you walk into a room, and they look at you like you stole their limelight or possibly, they give you an ugly ass look like you have purple and pink snot hanging out your nose!!
    UGH! Specifically, I hate it when a certain female, who lives in the same town as my boyfriend and I, sees me walk into the same store and I greet her..."Hey!! How are you?!" And then she proceeds to just say, "Hey..", continues to look down and walk out with who she walked in with.
    Now, her behavior is soo f***ing retarded because I talked to her monkey @$$ yesterday on the phone through my boyfriend.

    I want to tell you, female, "I am sorry that you don't like me for whatever reason..Be it that I am with Jason and you are unhappy because your boyfriend calls you stupid and you are cheating on him just the same..Now you are looking for Christmas presents for the same boyfriend who calls you stupid...hehe...really smart, so what are you getting for the guy on the side??? My boyfriend does not like you like that and I can tell in all of your body language how you feel because you can't even look me in the eye."
    Let this be a lesson to all of those "females" who act so immature just because you have low self esteem and a nasty attitude! The good girl is always watching you.

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