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Midnighteskye (midnighteskye) wrote,
@ 2005-08-26 11:10:00
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    Sorry It keeps being so long....
    I have been way busy with work and just random stuff. I went to bed last night with a major headache and lucky me when I woke up this morning I still have it. I'm also on the rag so I have all the stuff from that going on too. I was throwing up sick Monday and that way sucked ass. I just popped 2 midol but they don't seem to be doing anything. I found out this weekend that Rick's sister happens to know Claire as well just not as well lucky her but now she also knows how to link back to my journal, and I'm tired of making things friends only. I really don't care what people read I have some bad days sometimes and I think I'm entitled to bitch in my journal it is mine and a journal afterall. We saw them on we bought his mom a bunch of stuff at Lane Bryant now all I do is hope she actually will wear the clothes. I also have Real Woman dollars now that means I have to go back and spend more money. I'm also supposed to save for Prescott which I should email tata and tell her we are coming up there but I don't know which day. So far we have like no wedding plans done yet just the wedding rings picked out. Hmm I'm wondering if we should journal that. I'm such a online junkie. Finally got around to playing the Sim's 2 again I'm building a house. It is sorta difficult they need to make some things a bit easier cause right now they are way difficult. It has so many more options than the first sims but I really love expansions. Right now we are debating on if we want to try the Online Final Fantasy which I think could be fun but not fun all at the same time. Rick is going to start real estate school some time in the next 30 days. I think he is going to do really well at it and hopefully he will start making enough so I can way cut my hours cause I'm getting really burnt out and tired and thinking my life is boring. I'm trying to find more things that are out of the norm for me to go do. While we are on things out of the norm...The 40yr Old Virgin movie rocked...It was hilarious and it isn't even my kind of comedy. I still think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is better but thats me. I absolutely love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think I love Tim Burton more and more everytime I see one of his movies. Which reminds me that we need to buy the Big Fish movie. Lots of reminding going on. Together as a couple we are doing all right. I'm not sure if we should go to counseling or if we are going to be ok on our own. We have had a couple of major fights where I have said some extremely mean things that fucked with Rick's mind. I'm sorry now but you know that doesn't heal everything just being sorry. We are doing better and not letting things get so out of hand but I think we are both really scared about having another one of those arguments because they can be relationship enders and I think if we have another one that may very well be it. Which is very scary for me because this would wind up being another set of blocked years which would mean that I can't remember alot of my life. I can remember some things that happened from the time I was 5 - 13 but I have more clear memories of when I was 4 than I do of that period. I can't remember the summer of 2002 either. I remember some things but I really don't want to sit and think about that time either. I'm kinda having a hard time right now with no friends too. I think I'm ready for another relationship like that but every time I start one I wind up being screwed. On a Brighter not we both got new Cellphones and my hair is purple again. Of course so are the towels, bathtub, and pillow cases too. Woo hoo Music from BMG will be coming to my house. I'm so excited I need a music update. I filled the cart way up with lots of music but I'm not going to be able to get it all. But I can whittle it down... I think...It's hard I really want all those albums but I don't know if I should spend all that money. Rick might split some of them with me but if he doesn't want to some of them are going to get the ax...I already deleted one. So I'm on a good start. Ok well I'm off to play the sims 2. Ciao!! P.S. Rick talked to his sister about the things that bother me with her and the things about me that bother her. So now that the air is cleared maybe we can get to know each other better. I think I was doing real well cause she could only think of 2 things that bugged her. So YAY me. I'm sure most people have a bucketful of things that bother them about me. But I figure that I'm just going to be I'm too old to care anymore.

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