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Midnighteskye (midnighteskye) wrote,
@ 2005-02-21 19:07:00
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    Current mood: weird

    So here is how today went...
    I started the day out with a nice visit to the Dr. (gag me w/ a spoon please I would really prefer it) at which I was told that I have to go have a ultrasound and bloodwork done which means I have to take all of Wednesday off and use my sick time. After that I went to the eye Dr. and found out that I am really farsighted and that is why I always have headaches so I have to have glasses that I wear all the time. I have to get like 4x magnifier things or something so I spent my whole day in dr.'s offices to find out I have to go again. So yeah Ill have to wear glasses all the time kinda strange never thought that would happen to me. Also in the really weird world of Tory last night some Jackass kept calling us and being insulting to be exact "Hi, I is Tory there?" Me "This is she" Jackass "This is Turbo the family dog I was just calling to say Im glad you found Rick so I dont have to lick PB off your kooch." To which I remained silent and they turned away and sd to someone else she hung up. 5 minutes late another call that stays on the line with Rick, after that about 10 min later another call again on the line with Rick and last but not least another call that I actually pu and just remained silent and a girl sd hello like 3 times and hu and then no more calls. However I know it must be Tara and someone she knows, Im suspecting Claudia and Armando John. Tara is the only new person who has my phone # and is the only one who I havent been talking to lately and also the least mature out of everyone I could possibly know. So that has been the last 2 days. I will update again later when I find out everything from the dr. Ciao!!

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