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Midnighteskye (midnighteskye) wrote,
@ 2005-02-03 07:03:00
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    Current mood: creative

    Pink is a wonderful color....
    I am wearing pink today. Too bad my hair doesnt match. Im going to lunch with my mother and Aunt today. Since it is my half day. So Im wearing my pink and black bad kitty shirt with my new pink cami under it with my charm bracelet and Willy Wonka glasses I stole from my brother. I really do need to buy more glasses but when we went down to tucson They were more expensive then they are down here and they werent really better quality. So today I taped Ricks Card to the front door. Its getting hard to think of places to put them. Maybe tomorrow Ill put it with the Tuna Fish. That would be funny oooh I thought of another Idea I think Ill have my mom help me with it. YAY me for being creative. Ok well my eye is really itching and that sucks. Even though pink is a great color pink EYE is no fun. I better run and put on shoes and shit so I can go to work for like 4 hours. I think they should just pay me the 4 hours and let me have the day off. Dont you think?? Ciao!!

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