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Brian Lee (midgebot20) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 09:09:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:The Bee Gees - How Deep is Your Love

    I'm losing this
    Lately, I went on a field trip with leadership. It was a retreat to UC Berkeley and we also had a leadership seminar from Bill Ames (the Ames Seminars guy). We learned about the qualites that make good leaders and all around competent people. I guess it touched some people, I don;t know if anyone really took it seriously. We had exercises on our goals and skills. We also had some icebreaking by getting to know random people. It was a strange day. The rest of the day we had lunch and discussed with our classes over the homecoming themes.

    Next morning, we presented what our homecoming theme ideas would be. Then we discussed how we were going to present it. I don't care, I already know that a certain percentage will like the theme and a certain percentage won't, regardless of what it is. There's positive people and negative people. Their goals is to win all the people's attention with homecoming and the rally, i say just concentrate on those people that give a damn for some reason.

    I bought a new TV and DVD player. Samsung 27" Flat-Screen TV and a Samsung DVD player. no coincedince, i bought two samsungs on purpose. I know have a Samsung TV, DVD Player, computer memory, and cell phone.

    I need a date for homecoming.

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