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mickeyNjudy (mickeynjudy) wrote,
@ 2006-03-27 15:50:00
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    I know, I know...I'm bad!
    Okay, so I haven't written in a long time. Sorry about that. I have been a really busy boy, both at work and at home (and the theatre). I am the only one in the department at work today. Tina is still on vacation in Florida, Erin is moving into her new house, and Rosa started her new job today. So, needless to say, it has been very quiet here today. Sabrina and I went to Qdoba for lunch...and I had one of their steak taco salads. Lemme just say that we definitely need to go back there at lunchtime. Between the hot college students from IUPUI and and the hot medical staffers from the hospital, I was drooling. And it wasn't from the hot sauce I put on my taco salad, either. Sabrina and I were definitely enjoying the eye candy. Mmmm mmmm good!

    I have read-through tonight for THE SPITFIRE GRILL. Cannot wait. This cast is going to be so amazing. They will be working on vocals for the next three weeks, and then I begin staging on April 17. Between now and then I have two business trips: one to East Lansing, Michigan, from 4/02/06 to 4/04/06 and one to Chicago, Illinois, from 4/11/06 to 4/12/06. In May, I also have to go to Bloomington and Muncie. These are all Teacher Recruitment Fairs. I am trying to recruit new staff for the 2006-07 school year. I hope we can talk some of these education students into relocating! We shall see...

    The whole Daylight Savings Time curse begins on 4/02/06, too! Time to go around the house and reset all the damn clocks. That is going to be a pain in the bum! Thank you, Mitch Daniels! Ugh.

    Elizabeth called me about an hour ago very upset. Her mom left her a message that her father had had a heart attack. He was taken to St. Francis Hospital, South Campus. I haven't heard any more news at this point, but I am hoping that everything is okay. After all this heart stuff with my mom, I can definitely relate to her angst. Matthew also mentioned that his mother is having health issues as well. Geez - everyone stay healthy, okay?

    One hour and ten minutes of work left. Aaron took today off and went to BCP to begin laying out and working on the set...yet another Aaron B. Bailey "work of art!" Wish I could have taken the day off and gone, too, but with everyone else being out of the office, I thought it best if SOMEONE in the HR department was here today. Aren't I just the dedicated employee???

    We will have a meeting this Wednesday evening at 7:00 at BCP to generate budgets for next season's shows. I should really start thinking about numbers for PARADE. I am also going to produce PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE for Kari Ann. For once, a producing assignment that will not be so challenging. Lord knows, my first two definitely were. Should be a breeze with her. I also need to think about numbers for the ANNIE Play-A-Part Fundraiser budget. The royalties will be the biggest chunk of that. Hopefully we can get those sponsored once again. That production should be a hoot!!!!

    Tomorrow, my focus is going to be cleaning up my desk. There is just so much crap. I asked Erin if my new furniture went through. She said that she thought it did. I cannot wait to get it, so that I will have more storage. I am supposed to be getting another filing cabinet as well and getting rid of the bookcase that really has no purpose (other than being a "catch all"). Can't wait!

    I cannot wait until Tina comes back on Tuesday. It will be too quiet around here again tomorrow with Rosa gone for good and Erin out until Thursday. I am really going to miss my "Little Buddy Across the Hall." That was what I called Rosa. She always could make me laugh. Really gonna miss her alot. I hope her new job is everything that she hopes for. They have reorganized our department and eliminated her position. They added an Assistant Director of Human Resources. The posting deadline is today at 4:30 p.m. Only two people have applied so far, and only one of them is really qualified enough to be considered. With the addition of this position, it should help Erin out immensely and also free up Tina and I from a few things. We may also inherit some of Rosa's old tasks, but that is to be expected as well. Have I mentioned how much I love working here???

    Well, I guess that I have rambled on long enough. And to anyone reading this, I am sure that you are probably bored out of your mind, so I will bring this entry to an end.

    I will try to be better about writing more frequently.


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