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Michael (michael_b) wrote,
@ 2004-02-05 00:14:00
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    Last weekend, a couple days ago, and now
    Last weekend was a frickin riot. I had Haley, Amos and Will over for a movie marathon, and the good times were a plenty. Will learned that Vodka and pizza don't mix well... heh heh heh. Haley made plans in advance to spend the night. (the movies went until 1AM) Later in the evening we discovered that Will was hoping on getting a ride home with Amos, and Amos was hoping on getting a ride with Will... so they ended up spending the night too! My Dad and sis were out camping, and my mom was at a party from 7PM-1AM,so we pretty much had the house to ourselves. At about 3AM Will and I decided to do something to... an anonymous person who lives near me. We were thinking of egging their house, but decided it was too mean. We toyed with the notion of making and posting an eviciton notice on their door, but it would look fake. So we settled on a happy medium; we carved faces in three oranges and put them on their doorstep! (it was 3 in the morning, we were rather tired) All in all, many good times were had in the course of saturday evening/sunday morning.
    Something odd happened to me several days ago. In the course of an hour, I had two girls (I am somewhat sure) check me out! Either that or they were just making eye contact and smiling in an alluring manner for no reason. I recall that I was wearing my sunglasses (which look like versions of the sunglasses that Neo wears), and I had a slight limp because one of my toes on my left foot hurt. I can only gather that they were suppressing grins from watching me limp down the sidewalk in sunglasses that seem to scream 'Oh-yeah-I-look-cool'.
    Today I had a test on Judaism. It was okay, but I crammed last night for it. I spent two hours studying the long, violent, dramatic history of the Jewish people. Then I fell asleep immediatley after. I had some of the weirdest dreams that I have ever had that evening! I was reminded of the time that I watched 'Spartacus' while studying for my Grade 12 Geography and Comparative World Religions classes. Several minutes of stiduying demographics, then several minutes of studying Buddhism, then several minutes of watching Kirk Douglas fighting romans. Several minutes of studying the north-south gap, then several minutes of studying Hinduism, then watching several minutes of Kirk Douglas rallying the slaves to fight the Romans... after several hours of this I felt SO VERY MIXED UP. Never has my mind been in so many places as once as it was after that experience!
    LEARNED TODAY:the term 'Zealot' comes from the band of Jews who violently fought the Romans during the Roman Dominance of Jews. They were called the 'Zealots'. I did not know that until now!

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