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Aj (miami_thug6969) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 23:09:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:sEaN pAuL-pUnKy(lmao td)

    bAcK iN tHe DaY...
    yo dont u remember the old days..when u can basically get what u want...i mean when ur a lil jit, u cry and u get a if u cry u get ur ass bitch slapped...but w/e what can u do right...

    im jus so sick of all this shit i gotta go thru everyday..i mean i kno im lucky for all the shit i got and alot people got it ALOT worse...but w/e...i get so mad cuz it seems as if there are sum people in this world whose only purpose is to fuck up my life..i aint gonna mention any names but those who are close to me kno who im talkin bout...but w/e...i mean life is goin iight right now..but sutimes all this shit jus gets to me..and i cant take it sumtimes i'll jus get to the point where im bout to hit the next person that i see..i dont kno what to say anymore...

    well w/e im prety essited cuz thursday mornin im ganna go to disney world wit my fam....which kinda sucks...i kinda wanna go but at the same time i dont..cuz i wanna stay and talk to sum people on the phone..but w/e i wanna go to blizzard beach cuz that place is the shit..but disney world itself to me is jus so fucking overrated!...but w/e my sis is like shitting her pants from joy...and she's 17..and its not like we never been there..i mean we live 4 hours away..we been to disney like 1384728374082374 times, even tho we only been to island of adventure once..but w/e..i'll see wut least this trip gives me an excuse to get sum tomorow im ganna go get some shoes..prolly the white and red air force one's..and some clothes to w/e...i kno im gonna be bored and im mad cuz my sis gets to bring her friend along..and i gotta be all by myself in the car...and my cuzzin's comin wit us too but and she's my age but she is str8 wit my i gotta be with all these people for bout 5 days..i kno im gonna hate it cuz my sis is annoyin as fuk..and my dad gets a titty attack whenever we go sumwhere..he always finds sumthin to bitch at us w/e..i'll see how it goes..i havent even left yet but already i cant wait to get i'll write when i get bak and fill u in on how it until next time...holla at ya boiy...aJ..~wUn~

    trick daddy
    back in the day

    Back in the days
    It wasn't no AIDS
    It wasn't no AK's
    More afros than braids
    Wasn't nuttin for a boy to get a straight fade
    But not no mo
    Niggaz done twist up the fro
    Let it lock and grow
    Quick to go to gunplay bout that fro
    Nigga you don't know

    And I'm thinkin bout when
    Round the time i was ten
    And way before the pen
    The worst thing i ever remember seeing
    Was a boy get his whole head bashed in
    But now they gettin blown off
    Whole chest torn off
    Whole block roped off
    Two clips in his house for fuckin round
    Runnin off at his damn mouth
    Yep back in the days it wadn't bout fame
    And it wudn't bout a name
    Plus it wudn't no thang
    To kill a nigga and do the rest of ya life in the chain gang
    But na shit done changed
    And I know it seem strange
    But I'm a maintain
    So I'm a stack my flow and say "fuck you hoes"
    stay the fuck out the chain gang


    Some hoes no shame
    Other hoes play games
    See they'll fuck ya for the fame
    And when the heat is on and they cant hang
    Theyll give them crackers yo name
    Thell say it under oath
    And swear to tell the truth
    Run down what ya do
    How ya clown wit ya crew
    Along with that a list of shit like who fucked in who house
    Tell a ho about ya spot
    Where ya threw away the glock
    But every bitch that ya shot
    Every key that ya caught
    And every car that ya drop
    The ninety-seven drop tops
    And them Carolina trips
    And then they grill you the flip
    Time and date when ya dip
    Every deal you done dealt
    And every crib you done built
    With no muthafuckin guilt
    Back in tha days
    It wudn't none a this
    Ya couldn't pay a bitch to snitch
    It just goes to show that
    Fuck niggaz and slimy hoes make the world flip the script


    See back in the days
    All pimps got paid
    And all hoes got slayed
    Alot a money got saved
    And every playa had it made
    In Dade
    We was slayed before then
    Boys was made before then
    Way before them
    Raisin poor men
    With no choice
    Way before them
    But na shit done changed
    I mean a nigga done came
    Ya done took our name
    We done peeped yall game
    Ya ovalooked our pain
    Man, and we aint tryin to be friends
    Ya wudn't tryin back then
    Had a problem with my skin
    Got together with ya clan
    And send a young poor black man
    Straight to the pen
    Ya had beef with the blacks
    But na the blacks got the gats
    So if a cracker talk slick his ass gon get whacked
    And you can bet that
    See nigga
    Back in the days
    I was young and afraid
    So dumb in a way
    I was trapped in a maze
    So hey


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