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Maria Full of Grace (miabean) wrote,
@ 2004-08-20 22:59:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit

    hello, hello, how low?
    oh my gosh, it's been months since i've wrote in here! so much has happend... some stuff i'd like to forget.
    sara just left.. we had a nice night and she helped me decide to revive this thing. i think it can be our secret let go. im really tired of worrying about silly things. Tyler told me if it was meant to be okay everything would be. So im guessing it's not... i've got a lot of friends back this summer. THANK GOD. i lost my best friend, katy, but im assuming if she was my best friend to begin with i wouldn't have lost her. all things fade. our friendship was one of them... i want really badly to party before summer ends.. i need to find some ass too. lately dinger and i have been hanging out again. i really like him. i do believe he is the one for me. even though we dated for seven months 2 years ago... we've still been so on and off. no one but us understands. he is precious to me... saturday night was amazing. He can make me forget all of my worries. i need that. alright.. im done for this entry but i will be back.

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