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mewmew (mewmew) wrote,
@ 2003-05-07 16:02:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Slipknot, "Left Behind"

    Hi there. I guess this is where I write.. okay.

    So today, I went to play at all these kids schools. It was fun I guess. I had more fun at lunch. We went to the mall and stayed there for about an hour. Kai, Matt, and Mike walked around with us and we all had fun. Until we got back on the bus... we were going to the third stop for the tour and Mike starts grabbing on Kai. I was so pissed! She was fucking asleep man. You shouldn't violate someone like that when they are asleep.. he started rubbing her boob or something and I was like, bitch get the fuck off!

    Anyway, tomorrow should suck. I got out of school for the whole day and tomorrow I get out about thirty minutes earlier. It's only because I'm going in for dentist work. Gr. Stupid dentist. I got all my homework for a few classes done yesterday but I don't know if they assigned anything else. That would really fucking suck.

    I just thought I'd start off with some info on my day. Uh.. my name is Mew and this is my blurty journal or whatever it's called. I just thought I should start one of these journals. Maybe it'll help me with my grievances.. or it's just a waste of internet space. But the internet has endless space so it's okay to waste a little of nothing.. but if it is nothing how can you waste it? Obviously you can't. Something else I was wondering.. why do boys have nipples? Were they once able to have babies and provide for them. Haha.. we talked about this on the tour and came up with this.. Whoever made man, decided they were too small and made a woman who had bigger ones.. Haha. Or man was created after women to be in their image but the whole thing never completely filled out.. Haha..

    That's all for now I suppose. I might write later.. probably won't. Or I will.. I am unsure.

    - mewmew

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