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the number e (methinks) wrote,
@ 2006-05-17 23:04:00
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    I'm content.
    It's true. I was at work today, actually enjoying my job, and I realized that I'm really pretty happy with I guess. M and I broke up months ago and that's fine. It took time, but there's nothing I can do to change the past, so the only thing to do is focus on today and tomorrow and the future. The future is now! So that's it, I don't need to talk about her anymore. (((big sigh))).

    I played a round of disc golf yesterday with some friends of mine (my brother's friends actually). I did very well considering it's only the second time out this year. I shot a 3 under. It felt so good to be out there on a nice warm evening. My brother just bought a house and lives there alone at present. From what they said, his girlfriend won't consider moving in with him if he doesn't put a ring on her finger. Now this could all be hot air coming out of their mouths, but is sounds about right to me. That would suck. He's not the same since they started going out last year. We used to hang out pretty often, now he's too busy doing stuff with her. I can understand though, he's never really had a serious girlfriend.

    It's great to not need many hours of sleep. I never go to sleep before midnight and I wake up at 6:30. If I could have any wish in the world, it would be to not need sleep. Of course, I could sleep if I wanted to, but I would not need to sleep in order to function properly on a day-to-day basis. Actually, it'd be nice to be invisible too I guess. It's a toss up.

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