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Matt Shearer (metalmachine489) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 00:11:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:The sounds of my own peaceful slumber...

    Confusion of the masses...
    The masses of my brain, that is...

    I got my report card from college today, and let me tell you, it is confusing as hell...somehow, I only get a 2.9067 GPA with 3 A-'s, a B, a B- and a C (a vast improvement from last semester's fuck-up). In fact, I was so sure that I should be getting more that I even calculated my grade based on the 4 point system...turns out I should be getting a 3.1333 or something like that. I don't know, it's really fucked up...I just want to my 2.75 that I need to retain my $6500 that so much to ask? Apparently so, because Aquinas has to be dickwads about it. My mother had some words of encouragement however...she said that since I have made such an improvement on my grades that they might put me on academic probation to get my grades up to the 2.75 I need to retain, which would be fine with me, since I more than likely could get my ass in gear just like I did this past semester to get them to that point. Stupid retards...oh well...

    Unfortunately also, I have to stay in Grand Rapids to work on campus for Campus Safety...couldn't find a job here at home, which means I have to be away from Samantha and all my other friends. I'm currently with my sister Traci, her husband and their two kids about five miles from AQ, and they let me use their car, so that's ok I suppose. I'd rather be here with my Samantha instead, but I guess you can't have everything that we want now can we? That, and they only have dial-up internet there, so this thing won't be updated nearly as much as it was before on my T1 LAN at AQ. But such is life, right?

    Onto a lighter note...

    Got to see Evanescence in concert on Wednesday at the orbit room with Samantha to celebrate our one-year anniversary, and that kicked all ass...she stayed the night with me at my sister's house and I went home with her on Thursday, and don't have to be home until Sunday, so that's cool. I get to spend lots of time with her, and that's how I like it.

    But anyways, I must be going...sleep's been a rarity these days, and to get some would be nice...g'night all

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