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Matt Shearer (metalmachine489) wrote,
@ 2003-05-01 03:09:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:Evanescence - My Tourniquet

    Productivity at it's finest...
    Last couple of days were actually quite productive, and I am quite shocked at that. Usually I'm less so. Very much less so. But, I ended up getting the books I needed for the paper that I have to do, change one of my classes, rearrange my entire room (more on that later), pick up a housing contract for the summer (since I will more than likely be here for the summer working my ass off to get tuition), and managed to add a few more CD's to my collection. I burned Evanescence's Fallen and Taproot's Welcome, while I managed to grab the House of 1000 Corpses Soundtrack.

    Wow...I'm awesome.

    Ok, maybe just a little...

    Or not at all...

    Anyways, so yeah, I had to rearrange my entire fucking room today because the assholes of Aquinas want the rooms to be in the same position/setup that they were before. Yeah, like I remember how the hell they were. After talking with a few of the students here, I finally figured out how they wanted it (since they decided to be so ambiguous about the whole situation and not post anything telling us how they want them...jerkoffs) and so I spent from 3pm to 7pm rearranging/moving/lifting approximately a dozen pieces of furniture that literally weigh 75-100 pounds all by myself. Now try to imagine a 5'11" 130lb skinny little shit trying to maneuver and position these huge pieces of furniture around. Thank God I was made wiry, or I would have died. As is, my back, shoulders, and legs are completely destroyed, so walking the rest of the week will prove to be quite the challenge.

    But anyways, I let you all get back to your normal lives without me bitching all the time...

    But then again, is anything normal?

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