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This is my line, this is eternal (metalicpunk) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 02:49:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:Dope - Die, Motherfucker Die!

    9-11 We will remember
    Hi all, reporting from my WONDERFULL day of 9-11. oh the eventfull day it was. First off i got up late for work, i was a half hour late... blah! Then at about 12ish, a lady blacked out in the card isle, what fun. People runnin all around the frontend going CALL 911 SHES CHOKEING SHE PASSED OUT! and heres little old me like umm wtf do i do. So i proceed in checking people out. Fun. When i came home on my break i had a discussion with my father once again about my suburban that oh so want. He said we'd go look at it when i got off work, ok fine.

    So back to work im doing all my fun stuff, returns and such. Then i go on break and im watching the tv. I saw all the stuff about sept 11th was on tv and for once i actually felt like i wanted to cry, i really started to feel for some of the people, especally people that lost younger friends/relatives and children that lost their parents. I don't know what id do without my parents. They do what they can to support me and make sure of my well being.

    I get home from work, and my dad says he has to talk to me. Ok fine, so we talk and he tells me he talked to the police about this situation i was dragged into, and now they found that the people who commited the crime were my heroin addicted friends which he clearly stated he didn't want me seeing anymore. Wow what a great thing for ur parents to find out. That you hang out with fucking crack addicts... well i did know and i was always there for them to keep them good and they always looked up to me and respected me. I feel bad for them because they were both brought up in shitty enviroments without the proper fathers to look up to. They looked up to me as that replacement for a father the older brother to look up to they never had, And i like that. I feel like Im making a change in someones life when they come to me and say hey, because of you i quit smoking. And because of you Im gonna do better in school and try to keep out of trouble. That makes me feel good. Have i seen progess? yes, how much of it, prolbably very little, but any change i can help someone make for the better is all that really matters.

    So on with the good father looked at the suburban i want, talked to the guy and went over everything. he wants me to get it, no ifs ands or butts yea im gonna get it> i just have to get rid of my s10 somehow. Oh dearly beloved s10! My sister said she wants it, i have no problem with that. At least its in the family, and i can still see it. As for my suburban, oh im so happy right now. I can't wait to see that fucker behind my fence ready to get modifyed to all fuck. Me and that suburban will be like one, like me and my s10. At least the suburban is big enough to sleep in:) and fit all my friends and my shit and goodies whatever in! also do some naughty things in hahha. Well its time to call it a night, i still have some hw to finish BLAH!


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