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Mentor Circle (mentors_circle) wrote,
@ 2003-01-02 16:45:00
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    Wicca Mini Course- Intro

    Merry Meet! I’d like to welcome you to the newsletter and hope the best for the coming weeks as you take part in my “mini-course”, which should give you a basic grasp of the fundamentals of this growing, let us say, “phenomenon”, though I believe it has been a long time coming.

    Wicca, is a nature religion, yes, a religion, not a quick fire way of getting what you want by practicing the “hip” and “new” witchcraft you see on The Craft, Sabrina, Charmed and other TV shows. Even Buffy got it wrong. There’s no special effects, no instant successes. Wicca is a religion. If you aren’t religiously inclined, read on. You may find it also has a scientific basis.

    As for the religious areas, Wicca mainly follows a God and Goddess, though there are many of us who also follow “minor” gods and goddesses, ones more suited to individual needs. These gods can be from any pantheon or religion out there, including the Celtic gods (such as Cernunnos, Brighid, Danu, Lugh), the Norse gods (such as Thor, Odin, Freya), the Greek gods (such as Zeus, Athena) and even the Christian and Eastern Religion gods (though less frequent a choice).

    Wicca is a changing religion that holds rules that change with the age and the people. It is not a Book Religion with ways set into the olden days when people and places were different. We think differently, and this requires a different religion. It’s these days with war, nuclear energy, the environmental issues and so fort, that we seek an older, nature-based, self-sustaining religion.

    Religion also brings to mind the idea of going to church, eating sacred bread, telling your life to a priest, and letting that priest be a middleman between you and the Higher Being/s. In Wicca, none of this is true. You don’t go to a temple, though you can go to a Covenstead if you join a Coven (most of us don’t and remain solitaries – I advise all newcomers to remain solitary for at least two years). You don’t take part in anything you don’t wish. You don’t have a priest to do your biddings. You don’t have that middleman. You are your own priest/priestess. You can even become an ordained priest/priestess, or a High Priest/Priestess.

    I mention the priestess because Wicca is also an “equality of the sexes” religion, sometimes classed as part of the Goddess Movement. If you hold anything against the other sex, I don’t fell, though don’t accept this as proof of paper, that Wicca is for you. The Goddess seems to be more widely worshiped in some parts, but both sexes are needed, as are they needed for everything else in life. You didn’t think you’d be here reading this if you didn’t have a father or a mother, did you?

    Wiccans, or the Wicca, as some call us, believe in magick. We use, though not all of us, the “k” in magick to show the difference between stage tricks and real spiritual things. Magic can be in the form as rituals, some of which can be advanced with many tools, or some can be natural magick, such as herbal remedies, using crystals and stones, or the power of nature (Naturals magick works just as good as advanced stuff, so don’t dismiss it. I had my first real successes with magick under the wing of nature). Candles, charms, mojo bags, crystals, tarot cards, runes, ogham sticks, wands, athames, chalices, incense and just about everything else can be used for magick. These will be explained in more depth in further issues.

    People might ask what the rules are for Wicca. I tend to think that they aren’t anything new that you shouldn’t have already been doing. Number one would be the Wiccan Rede, put simply: An it harm none, do what do will. (If it doesn’t harm ANYONE, not even yourself, do it.) The second is the Threefold Rule, or Karma. What you send out comes back to you, good and bad. So do good and you get good, do bad and you get bad. It’s common sense after that.

    One word of advice is, although I’m very open about my religion and beliefs, is to keep an eye on who you tell. There are people out there who are still in the Dark Age when it comes to open minds, and I’ve met some of them. Safety is above all first, so don’t get yourself in a right mess by telling the world at first. Keep it to yourself, and whatever you do, don’t brag about it or go showing off. There’s nothing the Wiccan Community don’t like better than show-offs. It’s not a piece of jewellery. You can’t put it on when you feel like it. The Goddess and the God are always there, and you don’t have to devote your life to them (that’s another thing… don’t beg for forgiveness or grovel at their feet. They don’t need attention and gifts).

    The scientific basis is that the Goddess and God are your Higher Self, or that part of your brain you don’t use, and a ritual, using gestures and tools, is only an aid to accessing that inert power. So you don’t have to worship a Higher Being as such. You can’t change your beliefs, but you can expand upon them and open up new doors in your life.

    Grow beyond your own expectations, and come back next week for a more in depth look at one of the most important parts of Wicca to me and many others, the Goddess and the God.

    Blessed Be,
    Celtic SoulFire, Mentor, and Manager of Faith of the Old Ones!

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