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Mentor Circle (mentors_circle) wrote,
@ 2003-01-27 14:02:00
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    Sex: Alchemy, Magic and Transformation
    When asked thy there seemed to be a lot of sex as the focus of witchcraft, one witch (who asked to remain anonymous) replied, “…because there is a lot of sex in life.” Certainly, there is focus on sex in witchcraft and magic, in various forms.

    If one were to look at the sexuality in the religion of Wicca, we can surely find striking parallels between it’s views and the sexual expressions of worship which have risen in the East, particularly in the Hindu beliefs. In fact, it is commonly well known expression that the Universe is made up of a union between Shiva and Shakti. This union is usually expressed by the Lingam (the male gonad) and the Yoni (the female gonad). In China, the yin and yang which is the basis of the divination system known as the I Ching, represent the male and female energies present in the universe.

    Therefore, one can say that sexual union is an act of worship in which the creation of the universe is paralleled. Today, many witches and magicians believe that this basic belief which is expressed in the East is the same as the one adopted by the Western occultists. The chakrapuja which is a circle of worship is similar to the misunderstood concepts of orgies and sex in the witches’ Sabbat; an image most certainly inspired and supported by the stories of Krishna, the Hindu god, dancing in circles with the cow-girls of Brindaban. In the Middle East, a cult known as the Beni Udhra believed in a form of sex magic akin to that of Buddhist Tantras.

    Common to many of these beliefs is the notion of “cool sex; the deliberate prolonging of sex and the sexual climax rather than a “one night stand” of fast-paced passion. In these teachings, the avoidance of climax and the indefinite prolonging of sex is the goal. The believ that the energy that is created and resides within the couple becomes a “higher” form of energy. In actuality, sex is sometimes known to bring about an “altered state of consciousness.” It’s also interesting to note that the French language has recognised this and their expression for orgasm is “le petite morte”, translating to, “the little death”.

    To quote Doreen Valiente; “the techniques by which control is maintained are regarded as among the most important secrets of sexual magic.” Those techniques are akin to yoga. They include activities such as controlled breathing and meditative concentration, therefore the orgasm is averted by control and concentration without losing the erection but still maintaining unity.

    There is also another interesting factor one should note in the notion of sex as transformational magic: alchemy. If one were to look at the Language o the Birds, which is the hidden, occult language that was used to impart knowledge to the initiated without revealing the same knowledge to those not worthy, you will see there are many interesting factors to not in alchemical texts. Many have came to the conclusion that the core of alchemy is sex magic and that the Language of the Birds is describing sexual union for magical purposes.

    Let us turn to one the alchemical text in which there is a description of the Philospohers’ Stone: “It is a stone and it is not a stone, it exists everywhere in nature but is ignored or despised, it is unknown and yet known to everyone, it is made of fire and water, it is a fluid without weight, it comes from God but does not come from God.”

    Ø “A stone and not a stone”: Could this be a reference to the egg within a women that if fertilised becomes an embryo and therefore, life?

    Ø “It exists everywhere in nature, but is ignored or despised”: This could also be a reference to love and the act of sex. Earlier conservative views toward sex held it as a dark, private, act, perverted, and of sin.

    Ø :It is unknown and yet known to everyone”: The fact that sex may or not be the central core of alchemy is unknown, but everyone surely understands what sex is!

    Ø “It is made of fire and water, it is a fluid without weight”: Valiente describes the vessels used in alchemy as representing the male and female organs, the athanor- the furnace, and the curcurbite-the gourd. The furnace is referred to as male, a reference to the “purest male element, fire,” the gourd representing the female gonad in which alchemical change takes place. It is in the female body that the alchemy that changes semen and egg into living matter takes place. The semen is also commonly known as “the blood of the red lion” from Leo, the sigh of fire, and the female lubricative fluids as “the gluten of the whit eagle,” the symbol of Scorpio representing the female element of water.

    Ø “It comes from God but does not come from God.”: God is love and that many pray to God for His love demonstrates the belief that live of God-given to the world, but each act of love also comes from each person.

    The fluids from two sexes, mingled during sexual union produce “first matter.” Combined with the power of mind which is heightened by enhanced altered states of consciousness, this produces the elixir- perhaps the alchemists “elixir of life”. In the Karpuradistotram Tantra, it is described that the male should drink the combined fluids directly from the female vagina.

    Throughout the ages, there have been many movements toward the changing attitude towards sex. But all of this movement towards sexual experimentation brings us back to the variety of sex acts revered in witchcraft and Eastern philosophy. In reaching out for variety in sex, and in seeking deeper meaning to sex, modern day couples are, probably without realising it, have discovered the magical qualities that philosophies of centuries ago promoted. Sex combined with spirituality and the mind could be themagic alchemists concealed with their hidden language; the true magic of transformation of thespirit of human kind.

    Article written by Mentor Nateo

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