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menecrates961 (menecrates961) wrote,
@ 2011-08-30 19:15:00
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    Current mood:restless

    The Fascinating Reputation Of The Porsche Car Company

    The tales of how car producers began are always interesting and Porsche is no different. Porsche was initially founded by Ferdinand Porsche, who had been the key person for the German unified armed forces known as the Wehrmacht. He played out an important role with developing racing cars, tanks and airplanes. He had greater than a thousand patents as an automobile engineer, and turned out to be chief engineer for Mercedes-Benz in the 1920s. Porsche eventually put in place his personal engineering workshop and engineered the Volkswagen. He was initially chief of operations at Wolfsburg, the plant where by Volkswagens were created, and was interned there by the Allies at the end of the war.

    Soon after he was released, Ferdinand and his son, Ferry, began developing the Porsche 356. The specific sports car was comparable to the Volkswagen along with a rear-mounted, four-cylinder boxer engine. Nevertheless, the car possessed a maximum speed of 87 mph so it was not a very powerful sports car. While it was not a speed demon, the car possessed a very classy and innovative design as a convertible and, later, as a hard top. The Porsche 356 was developed at a workshop which was possessed by a master of streamlined auto production named Erwin Komenda. Komenda ended up at Porsche after the VW Beetle and was in charge of sheet metal and design techniques.

    He was the one who made the new style of closed coupe, and because of the fastback, it took over as embodiment of the sports car. Komenda extended the fastback with Porsche's grandson by designing the particular 911. The 911 had been a spectacular sports car equipped with frog eye headlights, straight waistline, a sloping bonnet and curves running from the windscreen to the rear bumper. Even though the style was similar to the first Porsche, technically, it was more like the BMW 1500. As the design was a bit debatable, the 911 had become the symbol of what Porsche was all about.

    The company almost was demolished, when the new designers in the 1970s and 1980s tried to move away from its legendary design. Not really living up to expectations were definitily the 928, or the 924 developed with Volkswagen. Yet in the 1990's, they gone back to their roots and started to be profitable again as they realized that the original designs were timeless. Additional developments of the long-running 911 now were being done by almost forty people in the design department. The 911 GTI is one example, that was headed by Porsche's in-house designer, Anthony R Hatter. It is an awesome blend of racing prowess and sports car sensibilities.

    The Boxter exposed up a new variety of designs for Porche in 1999. For a time period of years Porsche was a money-loser, nonetheless it transformed itself into probably the most profitable car companies. They did this simultaneously car manufacturers were toiling over approaches for the Chinese market, cash incentives, and market share.

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