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Nichole (memystery) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 18:29:00
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    It's Been awile
    So... that boy that I have been talking about a looooooong time ago well we have been going out for over 4 months. Things have been going great between us. I am so happy that we are together. He has been helping me so much. With everything.
    So the tennis season is over, but I miss it. It was only my first year playing, and I did so well!! =) My best friend and I played first doubles for fresh/soph. She has been playing for 2 years and me only one. Now that the season is over Michell (b/f) Autumn, and Nicole <--- 2nd doubles are all in lessons. 270.00 for 9 2 hour sessions. LOOOOOOT of money, but I feel that they will help me out. I already have a better forhand. It's so great. Michelle is going to drop them... I love her dearly, but she isnt as dedicated as she should be. Autumn wants me to drop them because she keeps asking me if I like them, and makes it seem as if I don't like them... Nicole S... well I don;t need to really worry about her catching up to me. Hmmm what else... SOCCER!! I can't wait until the school season starts. It will be amazing! I am going to play indoor soccer soon, and Mr. Benes is going to help me out after school sometimes. Hes my counselor at the school... He is such a helpful caring person. The first time we went out he helped me throw <---I'm the keeper. Friday he is going to have the Varsity (all confrence) keeper help me punt and give me some tips. Then Mr. Benes is going to arrange for this kid Eric (one of the best on the team) to kick balls at me. I am so excited!! Soccer is the greatest! And tennis too! Hmmm what else?
    My aunt patty recently well like 2 days ago had her baby girl... I was in the delivery room!! It was the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. She had her naturaly, and I was filming it. It was weird because the head was stuck at first. like half way, and it looked as if the baby has 2 faces and I looked up at my autn was like shes so beautiful!! And then the rest came out and it was so great!! So awesome!!! Like WOW!
    Okay, well thats the good stuff for now... maybe I will update the rest later!
    Yours Truly,
    Nichole Marie

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