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Nichole (memystery) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 14:23:00
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    Current mood: scared

    Creepy Chris
    This was my conversation With Chris last night. At first I thought it was him... Then he said that he was Josh one of Chris friends. After that I believed that Chris was next to Josh. Then I knew that it was chris. He made me cry during this conversation. I can't handle him anymore.

    TwztdClwn119: hi
    Nikkichikki310: hi
    Nikkichikki310: Si whats up?
    TwztdClwn119: nothing
    Nikkichikki310: is this Chris?
    TwztdClwn119: no
    TwztdClwn119: its jo hanathan
    Nikkichikki310: thats nice
    Nikkichikki310: Who did you get my sn from.... not that I mind... Just wondering
    TwztdClwn119: oh i got it from xhris
    Nikkichikki310: okay
    TwztdClwn119: chris i mean
    TwztdClwn119: oh man i think u gotta hellp chris
    Nikkichikki310: why?
    TwztdClwn119: brbr
    Nikkichikki310: wait???!!!!
    Nikkichikki310: Whats going on
    TwztdClwn119: huh
    Nikkichikki310: why do I need to help Chris?
    TwztdClwn119: well he fell off his bike tottally fucked his arm up
    Nikkichikki310: why do I need to help him?
    TwztdClwn119: i dunnno just like go hang out with him releive his stress
    Nikkichikki310: How can I releave his stress
    Nikkichikki310: he hates me
    TwztdClwn119: no he doesnt
    TwztdClwn119: he just says u ask to many questions
    Nikkichikki310: because he doesnt talk
    Nikkichikki310: I hope he hates me
    TwztdClwn119: why
    Nikkichikki310: because
    TwztdClwn119: why u gotta have a reason
    Nikkichikki310: Idk
    TwztdClwn119: thats a gay reason
    Nikkichikki310: I'm sorry
    Nikkichikki310: Why does he want me to come over?
    TwztdClwn119: hes shy as hell
    Nikkichikki310: So then he should not get pissed at me for at least attempting to talk
    Nikkichikki310: WTF
    Nikkichikki310: Thats not a way to win a girl
    TwztdClwn119: he didnt get pissed
    TwztdClwn119: he was extremely tired and shy
    Nikkichikki310: okay, well let me correct myself... you dont win a girl by telling them to there face that they are annoying when SHES the one who is trying to get him to talk, because he is not saying a word
    Nikkichikki310: BETTER???
    TwztdClwn119: hey chris has this thing called shyness
    TwztdClwn119: caused by girls
    Nikkichikki310: WELL... he still should not have said that... he wasnt that shy
    TwztdClwn119: he likes to make funn of people to start convo
    Nikkichikki310: didnt seem like that to me
    Nikkichikki310: and I bet that he is RIGHT by you as we speak
    TwztdClwn119: he really likes u for this one weekend vicki was gone he wanted to hang out with u for so long
    TwztdClwn119: no im in indianna
    TwztdClwn119: im his best buddie
    Nikkichikki310: whats your name?
    TwztdClwn119: its josh
    Nikkichikki310: do you know me?
    TwztdClwn119: yea
    Nikkichikki310: how
    TwztdClwn119: i live across from u
    TwztdClwn119: in 12341
    Nikkichikki310: o
    Nikkichikki310: ok
    Nikkichikki310: how old are you?
    TwztdClwn119: 14
    TwztdClwn119: 15
    TwztdClwn119: i forgot
    TwztdClwn119: im a crackhead
    Nikkichikki310: right
    TwztdClwn119: so do u like chris even after he was a jerk
    Nikkichikki310: so I am thinking Chris and I should not hang out alone
    TwztdClwn119: hmmmm i think u should
    Nikkichikki310: because he is to shy
    TwztdClwn119: fat guys do wonderfull things
    TwztdClwn119: jk
    Nikkichikki310: oh, your a nice friend
    TwztdClwn119: lol
    Nikkichikki310: like what?
    TwztdClwn119: me and chris are budds
    TwztdClwn119: oh u know
    Nikkichikki310: like what
    Nikkichikki310: making out?
    Nikkichikki310: Touching
    Nikkichikki310: kissing?
    Nikkichikki310: back rubs?
    TwztdClwn119: yea hes senchuel
    Nikkichikki310: and you would know/
    Nikkichikki310: ???
    TwztdClwn119: yea he does hat weird sex shit
    TwztdClwn119: lol
    TwztdClwn119: vicki
    Nikkichikki310: every guy does
    Nikkichikki310: he wouldnt do that to me
    TwztdClwn119: no hes real good at it
    Nikkichikki310: yeah.... Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure
    TwztdClwn119: not kidding
    Nikkichikki310: how the fuck would you know?
    TwztdClwn119: what did u guys do last time
    Nikkichikki310: nothing
    Nikkichikki310: seriously nothing
    TwztdClwn119: sure
    Nikkichikki310: yeah... we did nothing
    TwztdClwn119: i think he had to of got a hug
    TwztdClwn119: he allways gets huggs
    Nikkichikki310: hes right there by you
    Nikkichikki310: I am not dumb
    Nikkichikki310: you would have never known that
    TwztdClwn119: no hes not im in indiana
    Nikkichikki310: but you can keep acting like your in Indiana
    TwztdClwn119: no seriolusly everyone knows chris
    Nikkichikki310: right
    Nikkichikki310: we did nothing
    Nikkichikki310: and when I tried o talk
    Nikkichikki310: he called me annoying
    Nikkichikki310: then I wanted to leav
    Nikkichikki310: e
    TwztdClwn119: everywhere i go people are like GOLOMB!!!!
    Nikkichikki310: right
    TwztdClwn119: man chris thinks every one is annoying he hates peeople
    Nikkichikki310: well then why the fuck does he like me?
    TwztdClwn119: cuz he wants a girl that can listen and stuff
    Nikkichikki310: I can listen
    Nikkichikki310: :-)
    TwztdClwn119: and that gets crazy sometimes
    TwztdClwn119: and likes to go out
    Nikkichikki310: why are you describing me?
    TwztdClwn119: are u hitting on me
    Nikkichikki310: NO
    TwztdClwn119: or are u hitting on chris
    Nikkichikki310: I dont like you
    TwztdClwn119: oh u dont know me
    Nikkichikki310: Yeah, and I already dont like you
    TwztdClwn119: even knwing i can see ur room from my window lol
    TwztdClwn119: oh
    Nikkichikki310: lol... I am not home
    TwztdClwn119: well im josh chris' pen pal

    Nikkichikki310: I dont care who you are
    Nikkichikki310: Why did you im me?
    TwztdClwn119: chris gave me ur s/n
    Nikkichikki310: Look... I can be the biggest bitch in the world... or I can be the nicest person you meet
    TwztdClwn119: why u bein mean to me
    Nikkichikki310: because
    TwztdClwn119: oh well
    TwztdClwn119: thnx
    Nikkichikki310: no problem
    TwztdClwn119: okie dokiie
    TwztdClwn119: so would u ever hang out with chris someday
    Nikkichikki310: yes
    TwztdClwn119: when like monday]
    TwztdClwn119: omg
    TwztdClwn119: should
    TwztdClwn119: and lick is bloddy arm
    Nikkichikki310: are you seriuos?
    TwztdClwn119: naww
    TwztdClwn119: ring ring
    Nikkichikki310: hello
    TwztdClwn119: hmmm
    TwztdClwn119: didnt work
    Nikkichikki310: ????
    TwztdClwn119: nothing
    TwztdClwn119: i think u like chris alot
    TwztdClwn119: and u dont wanna tell him
    Nikkichikki310: why would you ever think that
    TwztdClwn119: cuz
    TwztdClwn119: i can tell
    TwztdClwn119: and u look at his butt like dammmmn nice asss
    TwztdClwn119: i seen u
    Nikkichikki310: like be specific... other then that
    TwztdClwn119: hmm
    TwztdClwn119: i dunno u like how it wiggles
    TwztdClwn119: lol
    Nikkichikki310: ANYWAYS
    Nikkichikki310: So how do you like Shepard?
    TwztdClwn119: ring ring
    Nikkichikki310: are you calling me
    TwztdClwn119: no
    TwztdClwn119: chris is
    TwztdClwn119: i imed him
    Nikkichikki310: liar
    Nikkichikki310: **HANGS UP THE PHONE**
    Nikkichikki310: I hope you know I can get the number you called me from
    TwztdClwn119: i dont have ur #\
    Nikkichikki310: yeah.... sure
    TwztdClwn119: i told him 2 caal
    Nikkichikki310: liar
    TwztdClwn119: ok
    TwztdClwn119: then get the #
    Nikkichikki310: I cant right now
    Nikkichikki310: the number has to regester
    Nikkichikki310: LIke it will show up at the website
    Nikkichikki310: It shows me EVERYnumber that has ever called me or that I have called
    TwztdClwn119: hes calling again
    Nikkichikki310: yeah. and I am not answereing
    TwztdClwn119: what site is that
    TwztdClwn119: it sounds cool
    Nikkichikki310: he can leave me a messgage
    TwztdClwn119: will it work w my phone
    TwztdClwn119: he told me he hung up
    Nikkichikki310: Voicestream is my company
    TwztdClwn119: ok
    TwztdClwn119: so
    TwztdClwn119: whats the dillio w chris & u
    TwztdClwn119: are u going 2 go out
    TwztdClwn119: w him
    Nikkichikki310: okay, well it's getting late.. I have plans tomorrow... So I am going to go take a shower, and go to bed
    Nikkichikki310: talk to you later
    TwztdClwn119: crisall ch
    TwztdClwn119: call chris
    Nikkichikki310: no
    Nikkichikki310: I have to take a shower
    Nikkichikki310: and go to bed
    TwztdClwn119: he want 2go out w u
    Nikkichikki310: I have plans tomorrow
    Nikkichikki310: okay
    Nikkichikki310: bye
    TwztdClwn119: fine you take your buisy little life
    TwztdClwn119: and fart out priod juise
    Nikkichikki310: Prude??? Is that what your trying to say?
    TwztdClwn119: yea prolly
    TwztdClwn119: no i said period
    TwztdClwn119: like bloddy cunt
    Nikkichikki310: How do you knw I am prude?
    Nikkichikki310: You dont know me
    Nikkichikki310: But guess what
    TwztdClwn119: when i see u ealk
    TwztdClwn119: walk
    Nikkichikki310: WHAT
    TwztdClwn119: i see it in ur eyes
    Nikkichikki310: you see what in my eyes
    TwztdClwn119: the twinkle
    TwztdClwn119: girls call me by name
    TwztdClwn119: lord infamous
    Nikkichikki310: rrrrright
    TwztdClwn119: fuck u and ur fucking triangle of indebity
    TwztdClwn119: u aint got shit on my circle ass
    TwztdClwn119: triangle prude indebit
    TwztdClwn119: triangles are lifes that people drop
    TwztdClwn119: ur a trinangle
    TwztdClwn119: me and chris were circles people that dont care
    TwztdClwn119: so fuck u
    TwztdClwn119: and ur prude ass mom loveing ass
    Nikkichikki310: how do I drop peoples lives?
    TwztdClwn119: u dont get it
    Nikkichikki310: no I really dont
    Nikkichikki310: so please help me to
    TwztdClwn119: fucking go to sleep and waist ur life stead of living it like uss
    Nikkichikki310: I am living my life
    TwztdClwn119: this is fucking chris
    TwztdClwn119: u fuck
    Nikkichikki310: it's 12:24am... people do sleep
    Nikkichikki310: I already knew that
    Nikkichikki310: I could tell
    TwztdClwn119: u waist time uve been playing me for like 2 months
    Nikkichikki310: the font you use
    TwztdClwn119: fuck u
    Nikkichikki310: How am I playin yopu
    Nikkichikki310: I told you that I didnt like you Chris
    Nikkichikki310: but you didnt believe me
    TwztdClwn119: u dont like taking u hate hang out with me
    Nikkichikki310: So thats your problem
    Nikkichikki310: how would you know
    TwztdClwn119: no its not
    TwztdClwn119: i could of been going out with busting in ur panties but no u gotta play soccer and shit
    TwztdClwn119: fucking go tennis
    TwztdClwn119: with ur bigg racket
    Nikkichikki310: I am sorry that I like to play sports
    Nikkichikki310: I have a lot going on in my life right now... and those are some of the things I enjoy doing
    Nikkichikki310: those things make me happy
    TwztdClwn119: well im sorry im fat and smoke weed and im not social
    TwztdClwn119: the most sports i get is beating off to ur picture
    TwztdClwn119: lol
    Nikkichikki310: what picture????
    TwztdClwn119: u dont understand
    TwztdClwn119: ur yearbook picture
    Nikkichikki310: well... make me understanmd Chris
    TwztdClwn119: i want u to do something
    Nikkichikki310: what
    Nikkichikki310: what do you want me to to do
    TwztdClwn119: download a song
    Nikkichikki310: what song
    TwztdClwn119: its called 50 bucks from icp
    Nikkichikki310: ok
    TwztdClwn119: good song
    TwztdClwn119: but u in it
    TwztdClwn119: its about guys who dont get along in school towns and citys
    TwztdClwn119: just like me and u
    TwztdClwn119: we aint right but i tryed to bang u cause u got that tight ass
    TwztdClwn119: but fuck that
    Nikkichikki310: Okay... So now do you understand that I dont like you LIKE THAT?
    TwztdClwn119: oh so u just want my popsicle
    TwztdClwn119: its grape tasting
    Nikkichikki310: Ummm no
    TwztdClwn119: lol
    TwztdClwn119: jk
    TwztdClwn119: see ur to serious
    Nikkichikki310: well this IS a serious conversation
    TwztdClwn119: is it
    Nikkichikki310: You just don't throw out jokes like that
    TwztdClwn119: no cuz u can blow it off
    TwztdClwn119: im a comical releif]
    Nikkichikki310: What?
    Nikkichikki310: Blow what off/
    TwztdClwn119: my cum
    TwztdClwn119: lol
    TwztdClwn119: this convo
    Nikkichikki310: I'm not going to blow this convo off
    Nikkichikki310: PLease stop making those jokes
    TwztdClwn119: i think can im just a lower level
    Nikkichikki310: what
    Nikkichikki310: How does this song remind you of me?
    TwztdClwn119: it reminds me of me and josh not getting excepted
    Nikkichikki310: Do you understand now that I only like you as a friend
    TwztdClwn119: i dont care
    Nikkichikki310: okay... good
    TwztdClwn119: okay
    TwztdClwn119: its ok
    Nikkichikki310: okay, well I am going to go to sleep now
    Nikkichikki310: talk to you later
    TwztdClwn119: sure
    TwztdClwn119: sleep in ur little bed
    TwztdClwn119: hold on

    Nikkichikki310: ok
    TwztdClwn119: Well, moonlight fills the room that you sleep in
    Things go bump in the night, me creeping
    Ouch! Fuck! I stubbed my toe
    If you'd just quit leaving your shit all over the fucking floor
    Fuck it, you're dead anyway
    And I'm gonna leave your head smack dead in the hallway
    In the morning, when your daddy walks out
    AAAAHHH!!! His foots in your mouth, thanks to the Boogie Man

    I am so scard of HIm. That night I slept with my tennis Racket in my hand. I hpoe he is over me know. Or maybe this is just the beggining.

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