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Nichole (memystery) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 09:17:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Update from last night...
    So My aunt Debbie had an appointment, and I wasnt really doing anything last night, so I asked what kind of an appointment she had. It was a nail appontment, and I decided to go with... I wasnt doing anything anyways. so after she got her nails done we went to wall mart. She bought me a new shirt and bra. She says the shirt looks nice on me, for tomorrow with Pete. **BLUSHES** I can't wait! This will be s0o0o0o great!! =)

    Tennis was nice today. We basically just played doubles the whole time. Michelle and I did alright. The team we played was easy as hell... Man do they really need to work on there game... And one of them is a nosey sneaky bitch. (one in blue visor) Man Do I hate her. The second time we played we lost. I can't believe we lost aginst them! DAMN! Oh well... Michelle and I just need to practice a lil more. And the last people we played where 11 year olds. They have been playing for 3 years now. And Mr. Simms invited them, because he is not teaching anymore lil classes. So they are the youngest. They were nice girls. Twins. We tied them. We were the only people they did not beat... So I feel special. =) So now I am waiting for my aunt to pick me up, because we are going to my mom's house to pick up our money. So after tennis was over and everyone helped bring in the stuff... I asked Mr. Simms about my dad. He listend to everything I said, and was probly the best advice giver. Howver he id dnot say weather I should call him or not... JUst that it is not my fault tat my dad is lonley, it was his decision. He also said that my dad should not be laying it on me like that, and for some reason... I believe Simms, probly because I trust him almost more then anyone. But I don't feel as bad, but I am still a lil worried... well A LOT WORRIED. So anyways... here I am now... at my aunts house until my Aunt Patty picks me up. Maybe I will update later....

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