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Molly Elizabeth (memxo43xo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-13 19:32:00
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    Lucky lil bitchh : /
    today was fine.. i had a test in English and shit but oh well.. I hada run my first race in track this year and i ran a 300 i came in second overall which is fine i guess but i kinda wana do better so i can beat my PB. And i had a heart2heart with my friend Allie about like everything which was awesome cuz we just talked about our families and shit n i love al to death shes my best friend. But on my way home when i was driving with my dad he was telling me about his life when he was like 13-19 and it was so upsettin to me to hear it all cuz I always give him shit for being so aggresive and violent but its really not his fault at all. Well first of all his dad died when he was 12 and his mother didnt work so he grew up on welfare and in the pojects. He grew up in a gang and he was one of the shy tough guys. A bunch of his friends fought in the Vietenam war.. and he was telling me about how one of his friends shot and killed one of his other friends when they were playing with a gun.. The kid who got shot dated one of my friends moms and once when I was over her house we were talking about boys and stuff and I never knew it was the same kid till my dad told me. My friend is Ashley and her moms Eileen.. Eileen dated the kid Jack, he was shot and killed by his friend Frankie, Eileen was kinda upset when she was talking about it but she told me that she knew she woulda married him if nothing ever happened. My dad also told me about another one of his friends stabbing+killed another kid he knew. Then he was telling me about the St . Peterson area and how there were a bunch of gangs. the toughest one was the saints. My dad was part of the Parquemen -- they had sweatshirts with a P on it.. and he was telling me that he usta get so nervous whenever he was alone and he heard a car door slam cuz he thought a gang was guna jump him or follow him. And I kinda felt wicked guilty cuz ihavent had many problems in my life and iget so overdramatic about the stupid little things and when he was telling me all this i kinda felt like a bitch cuz Im so lucky to not grow up where he did. I just feel awful about saying anything tohim about how my life is hard because compared to his life i havent been through anything at all and i make it seem like i died and im alive again but w/e i just gotta stop bein a bitch all the time..

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