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Emelie (memelie) wrote,
@ 2003-05-27 12:05:00
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    Current mood: pleased

    The persons I admire most
    We got one thing to think about in History B. The persons we admire the most. I don't think that the most of us took it serious, but I have thought of it for some days now. And this is the result I came up with:

    + Astrid Lindgren
    I admire her so much for her work and her books. When/if I become a writer I wanna be like her. ANd she wasn't just good at writig, she did so many other good things for the world too. To help children, animls and others that had a hard time.

    + John Lennon
    I love his work for peace and everything he did for make this world a better place. Ofcause he did great music too, but he did so many other things. He didn't deserve to die this early!

    + Dominic Monaghan
    This peace loving and tree huging boy can't i do other than admire with all my heart! He dares to be himself and he says what he wants. I love his humor and the vay he hugs Elijah. I just love everything with him!
    Isn't it time to come out no, my dear?

    + My friends
    They are the best! I do not understand how the can stand me all the time, but thay do. And tha do I admire them so much for!

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