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Someone wrote,

    Beatrice Sparks's books
    hi, i just came upon your diary entires through a search. I've done a little bit of research on the editor of teenage diaries, Miss Beatrice Sparks. Yeah hate to break it to you but shes a liar. Have you read Jays Journal? (there was also edited by Sparks). There was no actual "Jay". His real name was Alden Barret, from Utah. And he was a good student that ran into some problems but NEVER joined an occult. Sparks only used roughly 25 entries from Alden's journal and the other entries (when was a pretty big number for journal entries), she pieced together from bits of information interviews from other kids. So basically, most of the book was a lie. If you didnt notice, there is a pretty big pattern in her books. The teens always jump from subjects and they're very story-like and unrealistic. The only reasons Beatrice 'edits' these diaries is b/c she wants to make some quick cash, or is trying to scare teens straight. Come on, is a happy honor roll student gonna change his good habits into negative ones within like a weel? naaaaa... And if you dont believe me, you can go ahead and do research yourself or go to think thats the name of the website) but think what you wanna think. ;0)

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