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Mel (mel2146) wrote,
@ 2004-05-20 15:21:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Molotov Cocktail (B-Lo band)

    almost there...
    i'm kinda slow so i'm taking a break from packing and cleaning up. actually i havent really started to pack yet...just a little. im definitely just as happy that this semester is over as much as i am sad. i'm going to miss hanging out with the people around here over the summer, but i won't miss all the stuid shit that happens too. before i know it im going to be back here for training week anyways seeing everyone and everything i missed along with all of it that i didnt miss. i almost wish that i would have taken the summer RA thing and gotten summer work study or something then i coulda just stayed in buffalo for the whole summer. i really dont mind the city at all...but i just need a break from DYC every once in a while.
    i cant really remember if i wrote about tuesday night the other day or not. so i'll just write it in again. so brit and i decided to go to goodbar on tuesday night bc they have the sweetest drink specials in the world! so we went there...ended up having the craziest time ever! once again...another crazy night to add to all the rest. the usual DYC crew was there. i ended up doing this contest where u and ur partner (guy and girl) have to switch clothes as fast as u can and we were playing for this camping thing. we didnt win bc someone cheated! damn it. but it was soo funny tho. i was already feeling pretty good and we had to do this. it was just way too funny. so then got back here around 3 or so and ended up hanging out for a while and the fire alarm went off at 330 in the morning! i was still feeling pretty good and i had no shoes on and i cant really remember if it was cold out or not. thennnnn on wednesday i went to the zoo with the ladies and we had another staff outting this time to applebee's and deb's brothers house for the hot tub. it was great! oh yea on tuesday night we had a cookout and the directors gave out awards which were opposites so i got the award for least likely to have a guy interest...hahaha guys, i don't know where they got that idea from. and we went to the baseball game and we sat right behind home plate so we were on TV the whole time!! it was great...and we got on the jumbo-tron a shit load of times too. ohhhhh the fun of being on staff. so anyways now im just tying up some loose ends here at school getting ready to head out for the summer.

    i guess thats about all. next year is really going to suck because there are sooooo many people that are graduating that i dont want to see leave here. my 5th year is going to be weird thats for sure. oh a year i'll be getting ready to go down south for my first big clinical, that's going to be a little nerve racking...but thats what i wanted to do. go some place where i dont really know anyone and see if i could handle it. then in the fall i'm back home going to summit...the place that i fell in love with when i did an observation there. so it should be good times all around. next year when we get back most of the returning staff will be 21 so that means we can head downtown for even more good times. i have a feeling this summer is going to be a little crazy. lindsey is already saying its going to be the best summer yet that we've ever had. the first one that we don't have to go to canada to party. hope that it all goes well...everyone else have a great summer and i'll keep this thing posted with all the crazy shit i get into over the next 3 months. peace out nerds!!!! :-p

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