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Mel (mel2146) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 22:54:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:ummm TV again

    summer is coming...not soon enough
    well its HUMP day...even tho the day is almost over. i had my OT peds intervention final today and it really wasnt that bad at all. i didnt really end up studying at all but it didnt really matter because it was all treatment stuff mostly, nothing to much right from the notes. im glad thats over tho. just one more day closer to getting outta this place. i cant freaking wait to go home either. i mean i like seeing my girls here all the time but i gotta get away. home might not be that great this summer either but oh well...the 3 months will go by pretty fast and then im back here for training and to start the semester over again.
    omg i burned the hell outta my back and shoulders yesterday and it hurts like a bitch! it was nice to sit outside tho in the much for paying for helps me out a lot right now!
    ehhhhh im so annoyed with people tonight. like people seem like they are acting fake as hell to fit in with other people, others are shady as hell...some just need to leave. its just annoying as hell. it pisses me off that people are like oh we should get together and blah blah blah date blah blah blah...u've got girls on the side ass! what the hell do u want me to do? join all the other ones u've got trailing behind u? i'm not that stupid. i'm not here to fill up the time that u have open where your other bitches are busy. and another one...u act like u dont know me when other people are around but ohh shit when ur piss wasted u'll try to get a hold of me. guys are just fucking stupid some times...and i tried calling joe...yea left a message, we'll see if i get a call back. when does it end? i swear never. it's always the same. and now i have to spend the summer in lockport where the guys are hicks and really aren't any better than the ones here. good times ahead let me tell ya. at least lindsey is single too this summer so we might end up getting into some trouble. eh...summer can't come soon enough for me.
    other than that there really isnt anything going on. i got to go to spot today with all the ladies...i just wasnt feelin it all today tho. friday we r supposed to go out and celebrate being done with the semester for good. hopefully it will still be warm enough to wear a skirt or something on friday. i guess im outta here...going to bed since there isnt anything better to do, ive gotta get up early and study for psych tomorrow morning anyways. hope all is well...peace out everyone.

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