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Meiko (meiko_n) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 15:06:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Fireproof ~ Pillar

    "If someone told me I was going to die I would live just to spite them."-Marry Lemix(sp)
    I've not been feeling well lately, again. I stayed home yesterday when I was really dizzy in the mourning. I practically fell over just trying to lean over to get back in bed. I blame it on Goten for making me run aroung looking for her caot which we never did find. I went to school today and I was finally geting over my sickness, except for being worn out today on gym just from running two bases. Then I accidently fell asleep under the cover while wearing a sweater and a tee-shirt. I way over-heated myself and now I'm feeling really sick, for the 3rd time. Stupid weak immune sytem. And Maddy keeps trying to cuddle me. But I'm going to school tomorrow no matter what, I've already missed too much school this year. Great, now on top of everything else I sound like an A+ student.

    Today in Global my teacher put me in a group because part of it's assighnment was to draw a political cartoon. Fot some reason she thinks I'm good at drawing. She actually wants me to draw something for her husband's christmas present. I don't understand how anyone can look at my artwork and not be blinded but if she wants to give sucky gifts I'm not gonna stop her. Drawing is only a hobbie to let out anger so I highly doubt what I draw will turn out well.

    If this isn't me nothing is
    Your: Wondering eyes. Your not quite focused and your quite the day dreamer. Your a bit odd and as many say
    Your: Wondering eyes. Your not quite focused and
    your quite the day dreamer. Your a bit odd and
    as many say "Your head is in the

    What type of eyes do you have?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Once again, my personality, but I wouldn't call that a girly girl it sounds more like a sucidal person. Not that I am, 'cause I'm not!
    GIRLY GIRL - Clever Kitty
    A GIRLY-GIRL. You dont have a lot of self-esteem
    and people are always bringing you down for
    being sad. What do they know, anyway? You feel
    like youre too mature for your age and are
    frustrated by the trend-followers who refuse to
    accept you because youre not like them.
    Your virtues: Intelligence, understanding nature,
    Your flaws: Lack of social life, inferiority
    complex, timidity.

    What kind of girl are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    I seriously think I do have avoidance disorder, or at least tendencies of it

    Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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