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Meghan (megy69) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 01:48:00
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    Current mood:horny
    Current music:Smack My Bitch Up

    What Fun.
    Today was pretty interesting... i woke up and some old man was laying right next to me, but i just shrugged it off. Shit like that always happens to me anyway. Well, Youssef and Emelio came over around 12 and we had the hosue to ourselves... well i bet u can guess what happened there! GANG BANG! Then we were just laying around, pretty tired after the sensual fucking. Lauren came over and got in on the play it was pretty interesting because she brought her boobie tassels for some excitement and pleasure, it was pretty arousing. THEN SUDDENLY! DUN DUN DUN! Ashlee CUMS over and DAMN! It's like a 5 sum right there... and we had some firecrackers...we stuck em in our assholes and lit em. When it was Emelio's turn he farted and it back fired and a big flame popped out and we he kinda burnt his ass hairs. Poor guy. I know how that feels, it happens on the occasions. Then all the sudden Tucker called DUN DUN DUN! and he wants to get in on the action, but we said no because nobody likes cow legs, kinda a turn off. So, Matt came over instead and just watched because he
    kept "beating around the bush" ifu know what i mean. Pussy. Visa vee! CONCORDINGLY! (famous words on Will Ferrell) Moving on...So Matt and Tucker got pissed because Youssef wouldnt bend over for him and he wanted an apology, i mean i guess i cant blame him there. So Youssef got upset and went to get Moh, Gihal, Kyle, and Cory to gang rape them because they were being fuckwads. When they saw the sight of Gihal they took a shit in their pants and thought to themselves "Damn, I bet he's big!" They ran away like 10 year old girls, crying and shit. Matt said that his Daddy NEEDED him... hmm, whatever that means ::looks around the room:: Everyone kinda just left besides Ashlee, Emelio, and Youssef. We went back upstairs and got the hotdogs out and some breadsticks and YES OF COURSE TUNA!!! We just played around from about 5-12. We played "King" and whoever looses has to do 2 favors if you know what i mean and of course automatically Ashlee lost basically every single time. JUST HER LUCK! She has to do about 10 favors for each, including me ::wink, wink:: Youssef and Emelio got pretty psyched about it, so excited that he started humping everything in sight (hump happy). He started humping me from behind, but HEY i didnt stop it, I kinda just laughed and went with the flow. Then they went home around 12ish because my Dad was jealous that he wasnt getting anything outta of it. I mean FUCK! youssef offered, but my Dad just refused...Youssef was bummed, i cant blame him again. Ashlee thinks its a turn on. I think so too. I think we should have watched and stuck bananas in our asses as we sung "Who Let the Dog Out?!" Woof...oh shit, that must be the crack i sniffed early today BUT ANYWAY! That was my fun day. HEYYYYYy, my sister just came home... hmm. CYA!

    You are turned on by this eh? Well uh, YOU ARE SERIOUSLY FUCKED!

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