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Megs (megsipoo17) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 16:08:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:red chester ~ something new

    yesterday rocked the hizouse.
    last night was supremely awesome. we go there and wait in the cold for the show to start late like always. it was really really cold. we went to get pizza but they didnt sell slices after 5:30 which is way retarded because it was warm in there. yeah so the show started and apathy season played and nina and steiger were excited. they're good i like them. then some other band played who literally brought whores with them. then the posterchild played. gag me. theyre nice but theyre not a good band. then was acceptance whos cd/sticker i got later. theyre really good i enjoy them. then matchbook romance who rocked. then FALL OUT BOY who rocked hardest of all. there were a lot of people there for a thursday and it was decently crazy. got quite moshy and pushy for them but it was awesome and now i sound like a man but it was worth it. throughout the night we mildly bonded with dan. he's the coolest. he's just cool. his friend was really cool too. and the cool girl that works at fye. his friend said to me that we should start and band and me and steiger and nina and anna can be backup singers and wear matching outfits and we'll do red chester cover songs. i thought that was a really good idea. then later dan was asking us about what rc songs we know the words to and we said it and he was impressed because i mildly know the words to something new and we all ahve to sing along and then he said they have a new song called worst case scenario and he sang part and told us when to say worst case scenario and hes gonna point to us and were gonna say it at the show. that'll be wicked. yeah so jordan got hit in the face moshing by some power puncher and boyd and him and adam and jack and anna went home earlier. so me and steigs and nina stayed. after the show pete signed my arm then nin was like sign my shoe and i thought that was a better place to sign so we got everyone to sign our shoe. im gonna have all bands sign my shoes from now on. yes sir. and pete from fob said he'd give our cards to cts tomorrow (since eric wasnt there) because theyre doing that li benefit that me and emily cant go to. he's so awesome for doing that. pete i love you! so we should just mail the money at some point. that might work. so yeah last nite ROCKED. but i got home at like 11:45 and my mom was way mad so she said i can't go to weekday show anymore. and sorry mom but im going to sugarcult/soty. plus if theres only like 4 bands itll be ok she might let me go. and ill be really good. theres no way im missing that. NO WAY!

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