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Megs (megsipoo17) wrote,
@ 2003-09-26 21:57:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:d tent boys ~ dig it (haha i heart this song now)

    what a effin highlarious day!!!
    well today was actually the best day of the week so far. well technically it started last night when i found out for definate that the nelly thing was a joke. will told us today @ lunch it was all his doing. he'd been planning for like a week. he is my hero now. the entire fucking school believed it. ENTIRE SCHOOL! amazing. just phenominal. and then i spilled pepsi of course. because we can't goa day without spilling. and i believe jman spilled at his table too (grrr on you jordan for not sitting with us anymore. grrr on you). so then we stayed after school to do this thing that actually turned out to be like crew. so yeah that wasnt so great. so me and steiger and beth decided to walk to quays house instead. and he wasn't there. so we jumped on his tampoline til he came home. io have never seen anyone more confused in my entire life. ever. it was absolutely hilarious. then we saw craig. and palmer. and went to beth's. anna came over and we watched holes and labyrinth. those are two supreme movies. top notch my friends. then anna and alex went home. then i went home. and on the way home thru town i saw adam and jordan and boydo and jack. so we stopped at a light and i yelled at them. and they ran over to my car. and then chased it when the light turned green. and it was hilarious. what an end to a endlessly humorous day. tomorrow im going to the annual army game at west point and anna is coming to meet all my parent crazy friends. it'll be a good time. and steig's getting me a ticket to the fob show. woohoo! we really need to find rides. anyone going that wants to drive us home? please? i think i might post something on the empress board. mabey that will get results. or get me raped. we will see.

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