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Megs (megsipoo17) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 20:16:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:a cts binge...

    my babies........
    count the stars... poor poor cts. I LOVE YOU BOYS. so yeah they got in this pretty bad car accident on friday and i'm so incredibly traumatized. i feel like someone in my family was just in a car accident. so tomorrow all the cool kids wear something cts such as a shirt or pin or combination. show your cts love people!!! here's what i found on the cts yahoo group (um really i'm not obsessed. theyre my favorite band! thats it!) and it's the most reliable story so here:

    Now I know you guys are probably all worried but lets not start
    playing "I know more information then you do" and "Well I heard it
    from my friends sisters cousin" game. Below is what Adam and Eric
    have written about it and posted online. If its not in there you
    proabably dont need to know about it or talk about it. Right now
    everyone should just support them and not play stupid rumour games.
    Thanks everybody. ~Jo

    As the road goes - the band i work for Count The
    Stars and Myself had a bit of a mishap, I am
    writing this to clear up any hear-say, about
    10:45 AM we went off the highway totaling the van
    and trailer, we turned 180 degrees before
    flipping over 3 times and coming to rest up
    against a line of trees. All members of the band
    are in semi good condition, Chris the singer is
    suffering from a collapsed lung and is recovering
    as I write this, the rest of us are a bit banged
    up but otherwise good condition. Quoting
    adam "considering the severity of the crash" we
    are all very happy to be walking around. I am
    going to attempt to leave again this week to
    continue the tour selling merch to raise money
    for the band, the boys will try and catch the
    last leg of tour. Thanks to anyone who has called
    and helped out. Talk to you soon, I hope everyone
    is well and good, come out and say hi if you can.

    As you may have heard or are finding out about as
    we speak, on Saturday, Sept.6 at approximately
    10:45 in the am. Count the Stars were in an
    accident that totalled their van & trailer. The
    van flipped 3 times and did a complete 180 degree
    turn before coming to a rest atop a pile of rocks
    at the side of the highway. Inside of the van
    were the four members of the band (myself
    included), their longtime friends, Eric Tobin
    tour manager extreme, and Dan the
    singer/guitarist of the CT. based band Red
    Chester. Considering the severity of the crash
    and the harm done to both vehicles (van &
    trailer) little harm was done to the 6
    passegers. The most severely injured was Chris
    our singer guitarist who suffered a collapsed
    lung and some contusions on his head. He is
    still currently in the hospital where he is
    recovering as I speak. We are very appreciative
    and thankful for your concerns. We hope to be
    back on the final few weeks of the Juliana Thoery
    tour as long as all the recoveries go accordingly.

    yeah 10:45am was definately less than 12 hours since the last time i'd talked to them. such scariness. it seems like they'll be well enough for oct. 2, but i want to talk to them so bad!!! i neeeeed too! i bet they were so scared poor babies... awww i'm SO FUCKING SAD...

    anyways... besides that. today was pretty good for the start of school. my classes are decent. english kinda sucks because the only person i'm really friends with in that class is brit. danika kept giving me these dirty looks. lol. she definately hates me and i've never done anything to her except dance better than her like 2 years ago. haha. oh well. my history class is so cool though. jordan and jack and zac and it's fun. and ian scudder.... so hot... i'm done now. time to mourn some more ctsness.

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