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Megg (meghang1) wrote,
@ 2003-04-05 20:22:00
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    Morgan & Rich - #3
    MORGAN & RICH: The internet's favorite fictional couple

    So, here it is Wednesday night. Morgan is finally working with Rich after 2+ weeks! Morgan goes on her break around 7:15, and at about 7:30 Rich comes in and pokes her in the back and sits down with her, because he doesn't clock in until 8 o'clock. They start talking and Rich again asks for Morgan's number. Now of course Morgan wants to say yes, but she just can't. She keeps thinking about Russ and what he will think. What could she do. So she answered "I might..." but then never did.

    Throughout the night they continued flirting constantly. Rich told Morgan she likes to flirt, and Morgan said "I think you do to." And Rich said "well that's why we get along so well." It was true, they got along very well. Before Morgan was about the leave at 10 Rich called her over to him. He said "so will you let me call you?" And Morgan said "i can't", He replied "Why not?" and Morgan came up with the excuse that she didn't know him long enough. He said "ugh, you suck" and Morgan left, disappointed that she still didn't give him her number.

    Morgan really wanted to give it to him, but it was complicated. What if he called and wanted to go out, then they would end up making out in a car some place or something like that. She just couldn't cheat on Russ like that. But Russ was so attached to her, if she ever dumped him she was afraid he would kill himself. So she felt guilty all night long as she tried to sleep. She wanted to dump Russ, but she was too nice.

    Well doesn't this just suck?


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