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meghan (meghan424) wrote,
@ 2005-01-30 14:38:00
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    Current mood:productive
    Current music:kelly clarkson "since you been gone" -best going out song

    so it's sunday morning, or really its sunday afternoon but it still feels like morning to me. it
    s a pretty ugly day in austin, tx. this weekend was totally fun though. so i don't know if all of you know this but the next season of real world is being filmed in austin, and the cast moved in on friday. the house is awesome and its right in the middle of downtown and seeing that downtown is only about 6 blocks from campus, we are so close to the real world. and basically everyone here has been stalking them so we know what bars they are going to, when they get here, their names, etc. haha but the best part is that there is this facebook group that i'm in that is called "i live next door to the real world house, come party with me" and its these two guys that live in the apartment complex next to the house, and they announced they were throwing this big kickoff party on friday and it was invitation only. so my friends and i get ourselves invitations, because we figure that even though the cast is not going to show up at this party, the guys that own the house run this bar called maggie mae's which the real world has a contract with so we decide it would be smart to befriend them since the bar is 21 and up and i'm obviously not that. so we get all dressed up and go downtown but didn't make it there till like 12:30 and it was all a bust. we realized after getting there so late that most of the people there probably would want to go to the bars so the party was a little earlier so there was like no one there when we got there. it was really sad because we had such big networking plans. but so that was my friday night

    then saturday i hung out with nicole and we went shopping and i found the great formal dress but i didn't buy contemplating whether i should. its this deep hot pink halter dress that's basically made for me. but formal is not until april 23 so i don't know. saturday night was figi's studio 54 party so all the girls got together and dressed up in our best sparkley outfits and headed to the house to dance. it was so crowded, but we lasted for a good while. the build was even better than last year's. and then the night ended with me taking kelly to taco c and then falling asleep to sweet home alabama. classic movie. now i'm getting a late start on today and doing homework - haha which is what this journal actually is, wierd. that about sums everything up, i'm getting pretty good at this.

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