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mEg (meg_a_million) wrote,
@ 2005-05-09 11:23:00
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    Current mood: pleased

    Its All About the Happy
    Someone told me they hold on to people that are assholes to them, and that they are nice to those assholes. People that are sweet to them, they tend to mistreat and push away. I agree, I think I do the same thing. So assholes, bring it on, I'll be nothing but sweet to you. I have to stop trying to make things work, that won't, and focus on making myself happy. Not just by trying to obtain a goal or something I want, but in every little thing I do. Granted life is hard, and sometimes it can really suck and you may have to make sacrifices but people should not live miserably in hopes that once they get through it, things will be better. In most cases this isn't true. Be happy everyday, thats the only way to ensure that you will enjoy tomorrow.

    Some people may claim they are working hard to reach their life goals. Some people may look at me, and think I'm too laidback, and unorganized, and whatever, but you see, my life goal is life itself. I wish to enjoy everyday, not just some point in the future that is too far away and blurry to see.

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