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Mechanical Knee (mechanical_knee) wrote,
@ 2004-05-19 21:38:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:my damn radio...

    35 More Days...
    35 More Days, and Kim comes home. I can't wait. I'm sick of being without her. There's barely anyone to talk to. The few friends I have here can't always come out to do stuff..which is understandable. I have no cable, and I can't even catch CBC to watch the hockey games because all these new fucking TVs dont come equipped with antennae. You have to BUY them SEPARATELY. So I can't even catch the damn game on CBC. I have to listen to it. So I flick on my Stereo, switch it to the FAN 960 AM, but oh...wait! "NEW" Stereos don't come equipped with an antenna either! There's a port for one in the back, but you have to BUY one. Figure this one stupid little AM/FM alarm radio clock has the capability to pick up AM perfectly. So now, I can't watch it on TV, can't listen to the game on my nice, big stereo...nope..gotta go all the way down to my little, tin-sounding alarm clock. Talk about sucking ass...

    Well on a lighter note...Tonight, as I was listening to the hockey game on my 13 year-old alarm radio, the Calgary Flames beat the Sharks. So now, they're going to the Stanley Cup finals. The city is going absolutely crazy now. I can hear them outside..they're all cheering and celebrating. Horns honking, people screaming, it's crazy.

    What else? I've been eating better this week. Last week and the Week before, my lack of cooking skills really showed, and I was getting really shitty meals, and had the shits a few times. But I think I'm getting the hang of this. I'm just eating what I know for sure what to cook. (No, NOT Kraft Dinner!!)

    Hmm, what else? We're trying to grow veggies and herbs, and everytime we try, they die. I don't know what it is. I give them sunlight and water, and for some reason, they just won't grow anymore or develop. I'm getting really tired and annoyed with my lack of green-thumbness. Sometimes I wish I could afford to buy a shitbox car that I can tinker with and work on. At least I know it will eventually be fixed. These plants, I dunno..Kim's gonna kill me when she gets back.

    Well, 5 more weeks...5 more weeks..come on...hurry up....5 more weeks.

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