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Mechanical Knee (mechanical_knee) wrote,
@ 2003-12-28 00:00:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Tool - Forty Six and 2

    Well, this Vacation so far has been great! Things with Kim are great! And I have had a lot of fun!

    I'll start with my application for school in Calgary. Looking good so far. I spoke with someone in the transportation department the other day and they told me not to worry about getting a spot for Heavy Equipment Technician because they always have a hard time filling that class. It never fills for some reason, so I'm in luck. I still need to write the mechanical aptitude test before they'll accept me. When I get back from Quebec, I'll be in BC for a few weeks getting things together. Then I'll make my way out to Calgary. While I'm in BC for those few weeks, I'll be able to write that test at another school. They told me they'll ship it to another school and I can go write it wherever, as long as it's supervised.

    The whole moving to Calgary thing has my parents a little freaked out. They keep trying to convince me that I may not be making the right decision and that "I might lose focus" I keep telling them I'm sick of what I do and I want out. I just want to go back to school. I want to go to a school that will teach me what I want to learn, and be able to tell me when I can start it. I just want to make a change in my life that will enable me to live out my life the way I want to. It was so tense last week. My parents were in town (richmond) and they stopped by Kim's house. They sat down for coffee, and not even 5 minutes into my parents' visit, my mother just starts ranting about my "plans" about going to Calgary. It was so heated. I couldn't stand it. I was so mad. It's not like they just talked nicely to me about it, they were really inquisitive and treating me like I was a prisoner who was being interrogated. I felt so singled out...I felt so embarrassed. I don't know why my mother kept trying to break my spirit or change my mind for me. I'm tired of people making my mind for me. That's why I'm quitting the military! I mean, shit! Why the hell would I allow all my career decisions to be made by a bunch of people I don't even know? Same goes for my parents. I'm almost 22 now and I think it's time they just let me experiment and do what I want. Let me make a mistake if it's truly a mistake. I'm willing to take that chance. What's offered to me once I finish school is huge, why would I pass up the chance?

    Well, all that shit kinda got buried for a bit and Christmas was great. I went up to the cabin with Kim for 2 days (24th and 25th) and we came back on Boxing Day. We had a get-together at her aunt's house. I felt so great when I was there. I just felt like I was really starting to become accepted and liked. Kim's aunt got me a little something for Christmas and so did her Grandparents! I mean, whoa! That to me, is really memorable. The gift doesn't matter, it's seriously that though there that counts and made me feel good. I left the Jeep at the cabin, 'cause I won't be around much longer to drive it around. So now until I leave, I have no ride, just busses and rides from other ppl. I got some pretty nifty things for Christmas. From my parents, they gave me an espresso pot and this awesome espresso cup set that they've had since they were married. I've always liked it, and I always mentioned how much I liked the set, so my parents gave it to me. My dad remembered that a while ago, i said the first tool i'd buy before anything would be an engraver so I could mark all the tools that I'll buy soon. So, he got me this nice engraver, and it works so well! I tried it on a bunch of stuff, it's awesome!!
    I also got a pair of cargo pants from my folks. Kim got me a bottle of the Swiss Army Altitude cologne. I love it. She also made me this really special "Kim and Dan" journal, I think that's the best gift I got..It's so awesome. Kelly got me a nice wool shirt from TIP TOP, and Kim's parents got me another nice sweater..I think they're both really nice. I got Kim her tool-kit for archeology digs, and this fuzzy pink house robe. She's wearing it now, she looks so cute wearing her house robe to bed. I got my dad a set of chisels, a pair of boxers and a touque to keep his head warm when he's outside working in the cold. I got my mom some chocolates that she loves and the movie "LEGEND" on DVD that she's always wanted.

    Today, Kelly, Kim and I went downtown. Did some shopping. Kim got her hair cut, it looks so good. Some stupid bitch who was cutting hair there and wearing a white baseball hat kept giving me these dirty looks every time she'd come to the counter to talk to the girl who was at the front desk. She gave me those "I'm so much more important that you" looks. Almost appauled that I was even in there. Well, sorry about that! I'm sorry that my bald head won't make you any money! I'm sorry I cut my own hair to avoid you people! HAHA. I didn't buy anything today except for lunch and this cool shirt I got at this second hand vintage store. It's a work shirt from some place, navy blue, kinda big on me, but I liked it enough and figured I could just shrink it. Oh yeah, and I bought a leather case for my cell 'cause i'm tired of dropping it and it getting scuffed up. Kim bought a bunch of new underwear, clothes, etc. And this nice new hat that makes her look really cute. I love it. Oh yeah! actually I bought something else! hehee. I got new shoes to replace my ugly-ass AirWalks that are almost 2 years old. Yep, needed some new shoes. They look like converse shoes but a little different. 44 bucks, on sale from 89.00, so that's not bad.

    Tonight Kim waxed my back. Owie! It hurt! But oh well, once the pain subsides, it's worth it. One day I'll get laser. Just can't afford it now. It's cheaper and easier to just buy the wax strips for men at the store. They're relatively cheap and they work very well.

    Anyways, I'm pretty tired, and it's getting late...time for bed...

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