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ironman1388 (mayer17giant) wrote,
@ 2006-05-21 15:23:00
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    Diagrams of Partial-Birth Abortion
    Note: A name has been...altered...for the sake of politics...only less than a month. And another reminder: I’ve never liked my conclusions. Never:


    Strange, considering the fact that there is "nothing left" to be learned at Downers Grove South. Strange, when you look at the fact that many a student left and right is sincerely giving up on the reasons which brought them to education. I know for fact that I have, in some cases, been lack-a-daze-a-cal since the realization came over me that none of their educational fear tactics hold any weight any more, but that doesn't mean I've gone *** ******** (or however you spell it), that doesn't mean that I don't give two shits about what we're doing any more. And yes, I swore, but it pisses me off when you realize that these very same kids, these very same people who are quitting on themselves, they are the ones who will be working for your dollars some day. Our generation is hitting the real world. We are inheriting the world.


    As if in a dream sequence, I look over to her desk trey. Not the person occupying the desk and it's complimentary seat, not the teacher, not *student X* picking his lips while reading a book. No, as if by some will of nature, some act of God, some higher being pulls my eyes, thoughts, mind, and attention span from The Brotherhood to a desk trey, to a flipped over sheet of paper that isn't even mine...of course, silly, it isn't an outside act, but the surreal always feels like you're playing the role of Pinocchio. But such is not the case: you're just too powerful to see what’s inside. All of you, and it’s this very same blindness which can mute the soul, and in fact the ultimate reality which every one of us feels and sees. Its the very same reality which the ********s have condemned, because it isn't worth their time. "It's pointless, such a waste of time, I don't care any more"...

    But lucky for me, my deeper consciousness - which we're all rather unaware of until the tangible slaps you with something fantastically perplexing, pleasant, surprising, unreal, upseting, *INSERT ADJECTIVE HERE* - did pull my eyes to your standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, one which ultimately holds no bounds. All the meanwhile, the voices of reason keep spouting in Invisible Man, the teacher keeps on laying out an agenda "worth gagging at", and yet I keep pressing on. Hurray for taking action? Haha, we shall see.

    A simple flip of the page, the very same page with the power to hypnotize, to momentarily create a trance of sorts, and I recieved a swift kick to my conscience and realm of clarity. "This is school, where we learn about schooly things, right?"...sure, we "learn" about schooly things, but there comes a point where you just want to shed yourself of the shackles which can be the American educational system. But you all know that, we all can agree on such matters of significance, so I won't bore you with the same old hum-drum point of scantrons, #2 pencils, and "the future".

    Partial-birth abortion? Partial....birth........abortion? What's this got to do with anything? How did this get here...get HERE?

    I didn't know what to make of it all. Oh yes certainly, I am not ignorant of the firestorm of controversy, of debate, of endless CNN punditry and banter on what "the people of this country are looking for" versus what will happen on Capitol Hill. But there is something all-together-different when you see a diagram that someone posted online, someone took the time to see, to see an artist's rendition of the process they undergo. This is something real, something tangible and completely unforeseen. This is the firestorm being brought to your doorstep.

    "Now, open up your books to chapter 11, if you please"

    How did this get here? A teacher couldn't have left their papers behind; this is just one person's piece of paper, a students. Someone brought this into class, someone who had to look it up on their own. They intentionally brought the firestorm into their lives. They made this as real as it is. We all know the all too obvious truth that everything in life is only as real as you make it...but its more than that. Some student out there made it real. They made IT real.

    So what is it? "The real world", "Political issues", any label you want to slap on matters which we all have the sinking suspicion after seeing the cynical side of the world that we don't have any sort of power over. It was then when I realized the real world was knocking on my doorstep.

    I'm only 17, and I'm FULLY aware of this factoid, but it is then when I realized that the ambiguous future isn't so ambiguous. Things aren't theoretical, hypothetical, non-specific and general. Perception, perspective, and all things which fall within that category are biased. The world won't be what it used to be back in frosh year, having "debates" in World Studies - that is my class experience (and please note the irony). Its not the case that you can separate: whether you, or I, like it or not, the divide is breaking down which insulated our Suburbia Extravaganza experience. "Get a job!" "What do you think of genetic testing?" or anything in between it carries the weight of the world. Now I see the story behind each stance that people take. That’s why I want to know your stances.

    So how am I to focus on you, Mr. Monahan, in favor of partial-birth abortion? There's a world worth notion, and I want to make it my own. I'm no ********, one who sticks my thumb up my ass with the left and flicks off the school with the right. With all due respect, you are a wonderful teacher when you want to be. Hell, you might be even better on auto-pilot. But how can you expect me to adopt your simulation in favor of genuine realization all in favor of the self? I want to know for myself...and though the notion terrifies me, and though I know I haven't thought it all out either, I want to inherit the world...


    I can't help but take these thoughts and ask myself, "If I weren't at the library, if I weren't pressed for time, and if I were the academic stud-muffin that I could've been had I had more sense, wouldn't the sentiment - which may still remain unclear - of this speech make one hell of a graduation speech?


    Its coming, kids. I hate to break it to you, but time is up. The training wheels are now sitting in your trash bin, the blinds have been lifted, and soon Mommy won't be there to make you breakfast when your alarm doesn't go off any more. Soon we'll all be able to vote: soon Partial-Birth abortion will be real. You won't be a number, a tax deduction, a transcript, but a person with a voice. With an impact. Economically Incorrect sessions won't have that kid that says, "well, I dunno, I mean :::fill in the blank:::". It won't be Economically Incorrect, because it'll be a diehard lobbyist telling you why God is talking to him, telling him that you can't abort your child when you had an unplanned pregnancy and you're working part time while you're trying to get through school. You've got to know where you stand, and soon... or at least you should know. Looking at things this way, its easy to see why America's voter turnout is so spectacularly lame, but the point stands. It's coming, and its time to see where your head is at.

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