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Mary Anne (mary_anne) wrote,
@ 2002-06-12 14:38:00
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    Ian and my second class.
    I've got this fucking pain in my neck and my shoulders thanks to the stupid massage that Yuriko did to me before yesterday.
    Already getting late to my class today. Damn!!!!!!!
    I entered the classroom at 4 pm. And the class only lasted 20 minutes [just for me off course... yeah!!!]
    In the morning I went to Yuriko's house. She downloaded "Once more, with Feeling" so she let me use her pc and her all new unlimited internet connection... cool.
    I couldn't burn the episode on CD. It wasn't her fault, she's not guilty of having a stupid brother.
    So my fight against her computer and the irresistible temptation of forwarding some mails were the reasons why I got late to class.
    After my lovely torment I visited the faculty for the first time since last Friday.
    I talked with Ian about my problem with Jack. He was pretty nice with me. Almost made me cry but was nice. Made me feel safe, protected.
    He felt somehow guilty so he bought me a coke and chicken nuggest ... jeee... my fave food.
    I felt pretty good.
    He also took me home that night (that's the gentleman I need!!! I never understood why Danny never took me home. Bastard)
    Before leaving I talked with Karen. She told me that her thingy with Chris was finally over. I'm sorry for her because she's in love with him - it's just that she doesn't accept/see it - but it's the best for her. for them both.
    What a day!. I'm fine.
    My phone is still screwed.
    Jez is still coming.
    (I still don't believe it)
    I'm still fine with Danna.

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