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Cori (marriedchick) wrote,
@ 2004-11-21 12:46:00
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    Its been so long since i've written in here but i thought i would update it and start writing again..
    Life has been crazy the past few months.. Having a baby, dealing with a lazy husband and trying to find a job all at the same time takes a lot out of someone..
    You know, there are so many things i hate about the military but the thing i hate the most is when you meet really great people and they move, and they dont just move a few hours away they move to another state thats far away.. I have met so many cool people live on Travis but the one person i have enjoyed the most is leaving on the 30th.. I guess thats life for you, it just sucks.. Being on Travis makes me feel like im in high school again, all the stupid drama, people talking shit about eachother, its all so pathetic..
    Oh and i have to mention something.. to all the people who arnt from Cali.. We are used to the storms here, we call them big storms because we dont get all those big hurricans and stuff.. So a lot of rain to us its just a little rainy day to you! And you know who im talking to :) And another thing.. I have lived in one place my entire life and its been great. .i could not see my self living any where else.. No matter how much i say i hate California, this is where my home is, my family and my life.. I LOVE IT! I love the STORMS, the EXPENSIVE homes and everything else.. i used to it!!!
    Everyone around me is getting pregnant.. Both neighbors, 2 friends of mine is found out.. Im SOOOO glad i cant get pregnant.. I could never dream of doing that again right now!!

    Thats all for now..

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