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Cori (marriedchick) wrote,
@ 2005-07-03 11:15:00
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    Current mood: drained

    Well seeing i have no one to talk to anymore, im just going to write in here. I do not understand why people lie, turn their back on you and treat you like your nothing.. Im so tired of it all.. I cant trust a single person anymore. At least i still have Brandi and Alysha, they will always be there for me and i know they wont fuck me over. When you get a group of women together, shit starts to go bad, people start to get jealous of others and they start to talk.. I just dont get why. Why cant you just go about your own life and not try and fuck up everyone that is happy.. I had a great friend, she was the best person i knew. I didnt care about her past and i didnt care about what she did. All i cared about was that she cared about me and was my friend.. She listened to me and it was so nice. I was happy again. And people decided to fuck with a good thing and it all got fucked up. Ugh people, i dont understand it at all.. I dont regret anything i have ever said or done but im not out to fuck anyone, never have never will..
    On a hppier note, i start my job today! YAY money money money! and we sold our camero! MONEY! so we are doing great.. I have my family and im happy with them.. Im going to school.. Im excited about that.. I just have to get back into the whole study mode and homework stuff.. Shouldnt be that hard..

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