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Phoebe (margotglass) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 17:20:00
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    Three six five, all the time.
    That was a song lyric, for Amy.

    So, I am getting ready for Christmas. My life is boring. I have a new friend, though! You know how a while ago, I made this very maudlin entry which included "I did the crossword puzzle with Alex Kaplan today. Maybe he's my new friend." This proved to be prophetic. Alex Kaplan is now my new friend! He's super cool. He has a turntable in his room, and he likes the Grateful Dead and Jim Croce. I am trying to get him into The Velvet Underground, which I think he would totally go for.

    Christmas is stressful. Now I understand why this is the biggest suicide season of the year! Well, sort of. Isn't right after Christmas and New Year's the biggest suicide season? Is that because of post-holiday depression? I guess so -- it's like all the really strung-out people (whom I seem to resemble) go crazy doing stuff, and then Christmas comes, and it's like "Oh, I'm no longer busy. I no longer have any obligations, and I also feel very anticlimactic, so let's just kick off now." Perfect sense! Uh, not that I'm planning to kill myself. I think it would be too unpleasant. I would recite "Resume," but I don't remember it, and also it has always stricken me as way, way too cutesy.

    Sara and I are doing a project on Tragedy!. I think, for our project in Tragedy!, that we should make a movie, so that's what we're doing. Sara also suggested this idea independently of me, because we are similar in interests. She's doing a scene from Macbeth in a one-man-show way, and then we're doing a scene from Antigone, or something. I'm going to be all avant-garde and film it in an interesting way: I plan to film the scene behind a brightly lit sheet, so that only the silhouettes of the people can be seen. Then the very last shot will be the sheet pulling up to reveal Antigone's legs, which are, you know, hanging, because she hangs herself. I don't know, though: The problem with this is that it will have no shock value if we can see her hanging silhouette. If I make it so that we can't see her silhouette, by not lighting the sheet, then the audience will be all "What the fuck?" That would be bad. Or, maybe I could just very faintly light it, so the audience is all "Hmm. I wonder what that is. I can't really te-OH. oh." Like that. My other idea for a final scene is to merely reveal her hanging form and then have the guy who's her fiance come in and kill himself, like he does, and the blood spatters on the sheet, where it looks really cool because of the light/dark contrast blah blah blah. So far I'm leaning towards the second one, because it fits if her hanging body is revealed slowly because of their rolling the stone away from the cave's mouth. Yeah. (I watched "24 Hour Party People" again, and the hanging scene totally got to me. It's so cinematic and brilliant.)

    I also really really want to throw in a scene from Catch-22, even though it isn't a tragedy. But there are tragic elements to it! It is a tragedy when Snowden dies, because of the war. It is a tragedy when Nately's whore is exploited. Or something. My idea for a Catch-22 scene is that it begins with Yossarian on top of Snowden, and he's dying and stuff and it is so sad. Dakota would be Yossarian. I don't know who would be Snowden, maybe Kaplan. Then it kind of fades to white, and then we see Yossarian coming into the room with Nately's whore. I don't remember whether he meets her in the Apartment Of Sin or somewhere else when he escapes to Rome at the end, but, you know, I'm taking artistic liberty by kind of rephrasing that scene where Nately finds her and she's naked. Except in my movie she's wrapped in a blanket, obviously, because nudity is inappropriate for school. Also, I don't really want myself to be filmed naked, you know? And he helps her up and stuff, and maybe puts her stockings on, which, again, is actually the thing that Nately does, but I think it's cool. Oh, but that would involve Dakota touching me. Eh. I don't know what happens after that. All I know is that the cover of "Ballrooms of Mars" by the Flaming Lips is playing, even though I like the original better. I should totally draw this out.

    I hope that wasn't tragically boring.

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