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Phoebe (margotglass) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 18:43:00
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    Chicken exploded all over our kitchen! That is such a giant over-statement. It used to be partially frozen.

    Today I had a math quiz. There were five questions on it. I was able to answer one of them. Jesus God. My Latin test went better.

    I have new knee-high stockings! I wore a brown pair today with my shoes (I always wear the non-orthodox Mary Janes now, because I now leave my purple shoes in my gym locker) and my brown dress with white polka dots and my corduroy jacket and braids with white ball-elastics. I was a symphony of browns! And white dots.

    Right now I feel a little panicky because of all the things I have to do. For the past few weeks, I've been having a lot of trouble A) doing one thing at a time B) focusing. I mean, I can't even sit down and write this whole entry at once, I have to keep jumping around and reading other things. And I must type fast, too. I cannot sit on the phone and talk to someone; I have to be also doing math homework or organizing my desk. Also, I have started rocking back and forth as if I am autistic whenever I am thinking hard about something. And, forget doing nothing! I cannot do nothing unless I am lying in bed and it is really late. I can't even think about one thing at a time. A while ago I told all this to a member of the mental health care community, and it got so much worse after that. I cannot focus! I cannot do one thing at once! I mean, I can handle eating while reading, or while watching a movie, but I don't even like watching movies anymore. I mean, I don't watch TV -- I have too many things to do. I have too many things to do now! Gyah. The mental health care community member told me that I probably was so used to multi-tasking that my brain couldn't handle doing one thing at once, which I don't find satisfactory. I would like to either A) be able to focus completely on one thing at once or B) become more productive. Or both! I think Ritalin is the answer.

    Um . . . in other news, I know what I'm wearing on Halloween.

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