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Jessica (margery) wrote,
@ 2005-04-14 18:39:00
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    Current mood:exhausted
    Current music:Gorillaz - Feel Good, Inc.

    Love Forever Love Is Free
    I've been listening to Gorillaz' new album all day. I like it. Dennis Hopper narrates this crazy story about a mountain called Monkey and the Happy Folk who live in it's shadow, until their ancient peace is violated by the arrival of modern people who destroy the mountain and make it erupt in anger. Yes, that Dennis Hopper.

    Work was crazy today. I was filling a bowl of broccoli cheese soup and it sloshed over the edge onto my thumb. I was completely helpless to clean it off, since I was still holding the bowl, so I had to carefully set it down before I could even flinch. It really, really hurt. I just remember that helpless moment of panic, stifling the instinct to toss the bowl and get the pain off my finger, just ENDURING it for a few seconds. I'm sure the customer didn't even notice. -_-

    Early in the day, a man gave me a $5 bill to pay for $4.30. The change machine dumped out 70ยข, and he looked at it and said "Um... don't you owe me a dollar?" I assumed he was right and gave him a dollar. After he left I realized he made a mistake, so when we divided up the tips at the end of the day, I gave my dollar to the store to make up the mistake.

    At about 5:05 PM (I was supposed to work until 5), a woman came in and ordered three sandwiches. It became clear that she was ordering food for her two young children and her husband. I asked her, "And, what about a sandwich for yourself?" She gave me this surprised, strange look, and said "No, nothing for me. Thank you for asking - no one else does." I felt concerned, so I suggested she might try some soup or salad or something. She told me she'd had gastric-bypass surgery and she usually only ate popcorn or something while her family pigged out. She seemed stressed. I told her she should make sure she gets proper nutrients, and she said she took vitamins every day. She noticed I seemed to be the only one working, I said it was the joy of working with high schoolers. So when she left she gave me tired smile and told me I did a great job and thanked me a lot. And then, after she paid, she came back and called me, by name, back to the table and handed me a dollar over the glass. It was touching.

    So I came out even today. Two good deeds, and I get to keep my dollar.

    Anyway, I'm exhausted. I'm dying to watch a movie tonight, and turn in early.

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