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Alyssa (margaritass) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 11:52:00
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    Current mood: cold

    my momz fuckin crazy !!!
    my mom is fucking crazy idk if she has her period or something but i woke up and went in her room and was like can u take me shopping ? and shes like idk if i wanna and im like what the hell? u never spend any time with me im never home and i ask you if u wanna spend the day with me and you say no? and then her only friend Tami calls her whom has her on a fucking leash ! and im like dont ditch me for her that would me the lowest thing you can do and she starts SCREAMING at me and if u kno my mom she NEVER screams and shes screaming in my face like i did something wrong seriously i think shes going fucking crazy shes a greedy self absorbed piece of shit ! she hasnt had a job for 12 years she finally gets one and she doesnt share money with ANYONE she doesnt pay one bill when i ask her for money she says no or that its her money and she doesnt wanna give it to me? can anyone fill her in on parental responsibilty ! last night i needed her to pick me up from karissa's and shes like i cant im in my pajamas? so i get home and find her sitting on the couch reading a mag and watching soap operas is she for real ? shes like a fucking teenager ! i hate her so much but there isnt any more time i can get away from my house ! i go to school in the morn come home @ 2:10 get my sister off the bus have to wait till 4 for her to come home then i either go out or go into my room for the rest of the night until the next day then on fridays i dont come home from school bc shes off and i spend the rest of the day nd night out and then sometimes i come home nd sometimes i dont then saturday i go out all day and all night and sunday is my lazy day but sometimes i go out but sundays my mom isnt home anyway. uhh i fucking hate her ! i cant wait for my aunt to move out so i can move into her apartment upstairs from my grandma ... no joke my grandma is the only one in my family that spends time w. me my aunt use to until she got married now im non existent .. everything in my life is going horribly right now i need something good to happen. they still havnt found kyle. still dont have a job . everythings just fucked up. <3 me ( somebody )

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